Kogi; 100 Days in The Wilderness by AK Musa

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He sat there watching,
As a jamboree of favour seekers chant praise at him,
almighty lion,almighty lion,
Joyously he picks up a third leg that seemily misdirects him,
And some dark googles that probably darkens his eyes down to his heart,
Meanwhile these ones fumes in anger;
Unprecedented acrimony,
Rejuvenated insanity,
Metamorphosized criminality….
His vocabulary is heavy,
But his pocket is empty,
His grievances, plenty,
His wages are squandered,
So he flung the chalk,
For that only,is his weapon of warfare.
Oh the poor ones,
Really poor,
All he has is God and his voice,
Every day he writes with hope to be rescued,
Sometimes he begs, other times he threatens,
With his faint voice he cries out, but no one hears him.
He is arrested, beaten and shot.
He is weary awaiting Gods mercy,scheming many way-out.
He has no fault, yet suffers the duel between the wealthy lion and his knowledgeable servants.
He is full of hope, he tells a story;
Once upon a lion, who roared,scared and maltreated his fellow, in an unexpected day, he fell and couldn’t rise. All others watched. He fell and his fall was mighty. Be warned.
Written By: AK Musa

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