Kehinde Oloruntoba Empathizes With Unemployed Youths in Kabba Bunu

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By Dr. Omotugba Tolu, Lokoja.
Kogi state Commissioner for Budget and Planning, Mr. Oloruntoba Kehinde, has expressed sadness over the challenges faced by unemployed youths in his local government of origin, Kabba Bunu.
Oloruntoba made his mind known on this issue today during a meeting with youths from Kabba Bunu.
He acknowledged the challenges faced by a good number of Nigerian graduates who travel long journeys in fruitless search for job opportunities.
“Our graduates cannot continue traveling across the length and breadth of the country with their credentials in search for job opportunities but yet they must be gainfully employed”, he said.
“We shall take full advantage of the computer age. The political class also have a major role to play in helping to maximize its benefits to the citizenry ”
He promised to link up with other concerned stakeholders from his constituency, Kabba-Bunu, to chart a course to remedy this “jet age insurgency” especially as it affects the graduates from this area.
Matching his words with action, Oloruntoba created an email address ( while the meeting was still on and advised that the email should solely function as what he termed “an e-pool” from where soft copies of credentials sent in by members of his constituency will be harvested with time as job opportunities unfold.
He urged graduates to forward their curriculum vitae to the newly created email, pledging to do his best to fix them up as occassion arises.


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