Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu: Dr. Orugun Reaffirms Ownership of ADC Reps Ticket

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Dr. Johnson Juwon Orugun has reaffirmed his rightful ownership of the House of Representatives ticket of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), for the Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu  federal constituency.
In a press release, Dr Orugun maintained that he is the recognised bonafide holder of the ADC ticket.
He explained that he, alone obtained the Nomination form before the designated date of closure of sales, which has been fully paid for.
The House of Reps hopeful stated that he was the sole aspirant and contestant during the ADC Party primaries, held on Friday 5th October, 2018, who went through all the required electoral processes, including Open Affirmation by all card – carrying members of the Party, in all the 30 Electoral Wards of the federal constituency.
“I am the only ADC contestant for the said position, who was issued and till date owns and holds the true, certified copy of the Certificate of Return.
“I remain the most acceptable candidate that the real electorates and the good people of Kabba /Bunu – Ijumu genuinely desires to have as their next Representative at the Green Chambers of the National Assembly, come 2019,” he said.
While expressing a conscience void of offence or annoyance towards no one, Dr JJ Orugun, debunked the raging rumour  of his mandate been bought, or sold.
In his words, ” I have conducted my political activities with utmost modesty. I have NEVER solicited, bargained, been offered, receive nor collect any dime from any aspirant, or contestant, from either the ADC, or  any other Party whatsoever.
“It is painful and denigrating for rumour mongers to insinuate that he has sold his ticket to someone, who is new and just freshly welcomed to the ADC Party, whom till date (yesterday 23/11/2018), he has never seen, known, come across, nor significantly  interacted with in his entire life.”
Alluding to his “Omoluabi” upbringing, Dr JJ Orugun concluded that, he is too traditionally nurtured, culturally imbued, conscientiously inclined, morally conscious and spiritually sensitive to engage in such rumoured sale of so precious a mandate, freely given by the entirety of the ADC party, which is awaiting clear and open confirmation by the majority of the electorates at the polls slated for February 16, 2019.
The university don, thanked  his supporters and well wishers for their uncompromising stance, unflinching support and unfailing steadfastness. He assured all that he recognised the fact that the ‘Project JJ 2019’ is beyond him as a person, as it represents a people’s collective yearning for true change, fairness, better representation and greater and better distributed dividends of democracy.
He enjoined all to remain supportive, to abhor violence and be law abiding at all times, no matter the level of orchestrated maligning and provocation.
He surmised by expressing his unreserved confidence of victory at the polls as he belongs to a people who are well aware of his antecedents and believes in his capacity to deliver.

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