Kabba/Bunu Assembly Seat: What Kogi Speaker Failed to Tell Governor Yahaya Bello

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“In the time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” Goerge Orwell.

It is with the above declaration of George Orwell in mind that I am writing to tell Governor Yahaya Bello, what his candidate, Prince Mathew Kolawole failed to tell him about the age long tradition and conventional arrangements in place regarding the Kabba/Bunu constituency.

Mr Governor sir, upon return to democracy in 1999, about 20 years ago, the Kabba/Bunu constituency has produced several leaders for the Kogi State House of Assembly, in which all of the past elected officials has attempted to return but has lost their reelection bid due to the tradition in place that made it practically impossible to be reelected to the state house, twice from Kabba. It will have been wise for the Speaker to tell his excellency the truth about this irreversible tradition and conventional arrangements in place and follow the path of honour like Hon. Omofaiye in Ijumu constituency whom upon due consultations, realised that same principle of Natural justice and rotation in place, jettisoned his intention to recontest.

Though the Information reaching us is that there are plans to use violence, ballot box snatching and vote buying to take it by force, however, we want to remind the Speaker that all these will fail because the handwriting of our people in voting him out is clear. Let the speaker be reminded that though money answereth all things no doubt but like it failed in Israel it will fail on the 9th of March.

Hon. Nathaniel Taiwo was richer and more popular than Prince Mathew Kolawole, yet the people stood against him in ensuring that he did not get his reelection bid.

As the U.P.N candidate and stakeholder in the Nigerian project with passion for the building of the Kogi of the future built on peace, progress and prosperity, particularly, from Kabba/Bunu constituency as a microcosm of the macro society, I urge Governor Yahaya Bello to be neutral in ensuring and allowing the Kabba/Bunu constituents to freely choose who will represent them in the Kogi State House of Assembly election slated for the 9th of March.

This call has become imperative because of the anger in the land. Our people are the most enlightened, informed and conscious people that cannot be intimidated or bought over with silver and gold.

We call on our royal fathers, NANS, political and religious leaders to call the Speaker to order.

Let the U.S embassy, the European union and the ECOWAS be on the alert to impose a visa ban policy on the Speaker for any violence and acts capable of undermining our democracy.

In conclusion, we appeal to the INEC and security agencies to remain neutral and ensure that every vote counts.

Sai Babaeko… sai Lokoja

Comrade Oluwaloseyi Solomon Babaeko is the U.P.N candidate for the Kogi State hhouse of Assembly election slated for the 9th of March.

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