Judiciary, the Last Hope of Nigerians in The 2019 General Elections! – Dr. Omede

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In the wake of daylight dissatisfaction and complaints by many including the activities of state apparatus and electoral umpire in the almost recently completed 2019 general elections, the judiciary remains the last hope of the people, whose rights might have or have been trampled upon. 

Citizens whose rights or mandate were wrongfully or forcefully taken or breached rely on the judiciary to right the wrongs. Such citizens most often may not have political power to influence or determine the direction of any fair judgment. They hold on firmly to the judiciary to address the volume and velocity of such breach.

By judicial professional calling and oath of allegiance, judicial officers  are mandated to protect and defend the rights and privileges of the people.

Obviously the build-up to the 2019 polls, was suspect with anomalies, but citizens kept expectations high and strong that such will be rectified.

However, inappropriate or inadequate address of these, led to dissatisfaction with the processes with resultant breach of electoral civic rights, wanton loss of lives, destruction and loss of properties, leaving many aggrieved candidates heading for the election tribunal. This underscores the very foundations and principles of election and its outcome, that the nation has been building upon since the return of democracy in 1999.

The tribunals and court processes will determine the shape, character and final outcome of political leaders produced at all levels in the 2019 general elections, in pre-election and election matters, were there are reported cases of infringement or infractions.

The looming plethora of Legal expectations at the bar and bench at the tribunal,  appeal and apex courts as the case may be, will fundamentally determine once more how the judiciary is able to apply and strike a balance between professionalism, professional code and a code of allegiance.

Allegiance should not be based on looking at the faces of persons, or the pay master, or fear of same in taking a decision as such negates the code of professional ethics and practice – that have been painstakingly structured.

The judiciary has both the options and the opportunities to lift Nigeria out of the woods. It has the ability to restore confidence in the people and write its imprint on the sands of time.The expectations of the Nigerian people from the judiciary remains boundless, fearless and indeed timeless!.

We hope it applies it rationally, acceptably and with wisdom.

– Dr Omede Idris, fnma
Past President NMA and Immediate Past President of APBN

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