Joy: A Subject Schools Lack

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We know that we are born in ignorance. We have to be educated. Whatever we accomplish in the world is the result of our education. Because all progress is dependent upon knowledge. Human comfort and happiness are made difficult if not impossible to attain by lack of a properly educated childhood and youths.

In fact education is an institution through which society mould successive generation. Becoming educated should not require giving up the joy inherent in it. Schools today are in bad need of change from the level of lack of qualified teachers, textbooks, laboratory, library, medication down the lane of over-crowded classrooms. Hence, instead of trying to get children to buckle down. It is better to redirect their mind to take pleasure in meaningful, productive activity, like making things, working with others,exploring ideas and solving problems. By this means, the child will find pleasure in learning – to see the school as a source of joy.

The more a person like fresh, healthy food, the more likely that individual is to have good diet. Whey can it be the same with learning ? The joy of learning school not be trained out of children or left for after- school programs. At Upperroom International School (UIS) Idah, Kogi State, students are not trained to get what they need to gain admission into university, find a good job, getting along a big company and learning new trade. The mission and vision of UIS is geared towards solving large-scale economic woes,  producing future workers.

There is need to push aside certain  habit in a child to make room for more important qualities, perseverance, obligation and practicality. Indeed a child offering fourteen (14)subjects must have 14 textbooks to find joy in new kind of things; reading novels instead of gossiping, learn about history, science, geography, and other subjects, conduct experiment instead of playing ludo game with his/her destiny. Debating serious issue constructively rather than the misdemeanor of peers influence, cultism, and the likes.

Upperroom International  School Idah Kogi State was established on September 13 2010 with vision to unveil ignorant out of the mind of the emerging and ever-growing young ones. The teaching in UIS is too numerous to mention. The Science Laboratory is well equipped. The boarding facilities where students rest after the day’s activities is unique. And it is something every parent wants to have his /her children live in it. The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is second to none talk less of the sport facilities where students recreate

During a press briefing , Deacon Oni-Peters Omoulen, Principal Upperroom International School (UIS) Idah debunked the rumour that the school is a place where the poor class cannot derive joy at all except the rich class. When people of God refuse to accept rumour, slander, backstabbing, gossip about another, it will cease. When the people of God stop the recitation of a story by stating that they will seek verification from the source, nobody will have fuel for the fire. It will cease.

The quality of education  brought to Idah, Kogi State is something which required every parent who have the mind to train his or her child should to embrace.

“UIS is meant for everybody. It is meant for the rich. It is meant for the poor. The school is affordable to everyone. Some persons have decided to rumour out of the figment of their imagination that the school fees of this noble institution is one million naira, five hundred thousand, it is not at all. For the first term , the school material, day wear, boarding wear, sport wear, anything related to wears while in school, the text books and so forth. We don’t just give it out halfway. We give it out in totality. In fact a child offering fourteen (14) subjects also should have 14 textbooks and notebooks attached to it. Besides there is one or two petty fees, not more that five thousand naira (for medical) a whole year. This summed up to eighty thousand naira only (N80,000). The tuition fee is N45,000. when we talk about boarding school it is about feeding of the child, ensure constant power supply or light, serene, comfortable accommodation or dormitory. By the time we  put them together with the tuition fee is N85,000.00 added to the books and wares we have N185,000.

“We know what is actually happening in the community. The money is not readily available as it where. This is because of the current economic quagmire of the state. In the light of this, we have come to term with parent to cushion the devastating effect of the current recession. This school fess can be paid by installment. At least before the first three or four months elapses, the money can be paid. For a child that is just coming newly, a new intake out of N170,000, the child is permitted by the school management to pay half of the money (100,000). Before the other month elapses such a child is expected to complete the rest N70,000.

 “I want to say here also teachers are our resource persons we count on. They are intelligent to the core. They are men/women God has given us in Upper room International School Idah to cater for the need of students. My teachers are the best you can imagine. For those with HND no one is below upper class.The rest are distinctions, graduated with first class. I believe they can give the best you can think of. No one has gone anywhere to buy certificate they cannot defend it.”

“The world has a wonderful shortage of joy and a surplus of fear worry, discouragement and depression. Even in the ‘pursuit of happiness’ and obsessive pleasure seeking do not bring deep and lasting joy. The long range evidence of joy is general qualitative, contentment, optimism, a sense of freedom and other positive attitude successive generation needs to build their world from being victimized by it. Upperroom International School Idah is a place of the mighty, the high flyers where you will get high standard of academic life, even for your money. We render qualitative and total education in Upperroom. It is a place where the cognitive, affective and the psychomotor of a child personality, mental skills, moral and physical powers is actually tutored and well groomed to succeed in personal and professional life,” the principal said.

– Inah Stephen, reporting for Upperroom International School Idah, Kogi State.

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