James Abiodun Faleke: The Man With Many Firsts

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To say James Aboidun Faleke JAF is a household name in Nigerian politics is to say the obvious. Kogites are proud to produce and present this wonderful and principled son to the world. He has projected Kogi and Okun in particular to the world in so many positive ways and not a few will be eternally grateful to him.
James Faleke’s reinforcement of Okun people as an embodiment of integrity and selflessness is remarkable. This is just the background to the write up itself.
Abiodun Faleke has many groundbreaking achievements in his career as a frontline grassroot politician and astute businessman.
We must begin to appreciate this Colossus who is rendering selfless service to our dear country in whatever capacity he has graciously found himself.
JAF as fondly called by his numerous admirers was the first Kogi and Okun in particular to be elected Chairman of a local government in Lagos State in an executive capacity. His performance as Chairman of Ojodu Local Council Development Authority will forever remain evergreen in the minds of Lagosians. The infrastructural revolution witnessed during this period has continued to serve as reference point in local government administration in Nigeria. I witnessed this firsthand. The number of Kogi indigenes employed in Lagos is also a vivid testament to his proactive intervention.
This achievements prompted his colleagues to elect him as the Chairman of Local Government Chairmen in Lagos.
His Excellency, Faleke is the first Kogi and Okun man to be elected as a Member, representing Ikeja, Lagos Federal Constituency in the Nigerian House of Representatives. James,Faleke was also appointed as the Lagos State Coordinator for the 2015 Presidential Campaign of Muhammadu Buhari.
This is the first time an opposition Presidential Candidate will win convincingly in Lagos State in the fourth Republic. This is also due to the ingenuity of Hon. Faleke. There was no incidence of diversion of funds or highhandedness on the part of the Coordinator. He has proven to Nigerians beyond doubts that he is a master Sagacious political strategist and grassroot mobilizer. No doubt  he was reelected back to the House for an unprecedented second term in the history of Ikeja federal constituency.
These are uncommon feats attained by our beloved Leader and Brother. He represents the State capital and doing well for Lagosians and Kogites at the same time. Some Okun people are members of his team of legislative aides in various capacities.
This Man who could have assumed Kogi never contributed to his victory did not for one day forget his roots. What more can we ask from this man who has been meritorious in his dealings?
In his political career, he has to take a decisive decisions about returning home to play politics despite the fact that he has the prospect of attaining the highest political office in Lagos. This decision saw him accepting to be running mate to His Excellency, Prince Audu Abubakar. He accepted the offer despite the uncertainties of running against an incumbent regime in Kogi State at that material time. For the first time, Abubakar Audu won elections in Kogi West after so many attempts. Thanks to the political sagacity and capacity of Hon James Abiodun Faleke. In less than two months to election, Okun people accepted him to lead them to the promised land.
We have had running mates of Okun extraction who could not even win their unit for their Principal. In the history of Okun politics, this is the first time and it must be replicated if our people must be totally liberated from the claws of under-development. At every forum, people have always given him the necessary endorsement to soldier on in the task of rescuing Kogi from the catastrophic maladministration bedevilling the State.
His Excellency, rejected a Deputy Governorship slot reserved for him after the demise of his Principal in 2015. His stance of Omoluabi characteristic made him to reject the slot. The injustice of bringing an outsider who never campaigned and actually worked against the APC in the Gubernatorial elections was enough a reason to be steadfast. Hon JAF saw the development as an injustice and concluded after consulting widely to reject the offer.
His Excellency, will never abandon Kogi’s ship in any form. His decision to come home with a view to playing developmental and service politics is well alive. He is a bridge builder who sees politics as a means of bettering the lives of our people. Kogi must be awakened to  utilizing the service of this man to benefit of all.
God bless Ijumuland
God bless Okunland
God bless Kogi State
– Comrade Ojo Bidemi Jerry
Oluganmo Heritage,
Egbeda-Egga Ijumu
Kogi State.

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