Items Recovered During Raid on Bomb Factory at Okene

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Some dangerous items were recovered after a military raid of a bomb factory in Usome, a community in Okene.

The Air Force, together with the Nigerian Army, the Nigerian Police and the State Security Service (SSS), raided the cave in a mountain where the bomb factory was located.

Items recovered included

  • Gas cylinder
  • 43 fabricated bomb canisters
  • Double barrel gun
  • One 1.5 KVA electric generating set
  • Iron grinder
  • Wires
  • Ammonia
  • Gun powder
  • Time bomb devices
  • Remote starters for motorbikes
  • Batteries
  • Iron cutters, clamp, welding material
  • Gloves, super glue, tools, bottles, syringe and needles.

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