Insecurity Challenges Across the Nation

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Emotions are high and it’s really a challenging moment for us Nigerians. The posture and incompetency of the ruling class is beginning to promote ethnic strife amongst millions of oppressed people who should on the contrary concern themselves to organize and dislodged the rapacious ruling elites who are indeed responsible for funding and indulging Fulanis herdsmen, banditry and terrorism all over the nation. 

There are over 10million Fulanis vast of whom have no money to purchase chicken, let alone cattles. The cattle roaming the street of the East, South, West and North are owned by powerful and rich government elites who handover deathly arms to cattle herders.

The challenge of insecurity is terrible in the north east, north central as it is rife in the south where no reasonable government that have the people at heart will think of situating open grazing In  the middle of crisis confronting us as a people. The alternative is not to continue playing loyalty to Presidency nor political party rather the security of Electorates in various state should be prioritize.

Governor Ortom of Benue state won my heart with his courage in a most difficult moment in Nigeria’s history when his mostly corrupt and morally bankrupt ass-licking colleagues with absolutely nothing to show but looting various state treasuries, especially those from the middle bet of Nigeria are waiting for an unwilling President Muhammadu Buhari to rein in the mindless Fulani terrorists who are killing their citizens, hiding behind cattle.

I don’t know much about the other qualities or otherwise that Governor Ortom may possess, but on standing for his people and their basic human rights at the risk of losing his own life, democracy and the rule of law in Nigeria, he has demonstrated an unassailable leadership expected of a true chief executive and the chief security officer of the state of Benue.

The military and police are operating to protect the bosses and the anti-people policies. Only concern remaining carcasses of the armed forces is to prevent organized mass revolts.

Bandits, fulanis herdsmen, Boko Haram and other armed actors are having free days in the business and their business is growing daily.

To reduce drastically the insecurities, communal security should be recruit to avoid the intervention of Robin hoods who would turn the case to inter-ethnic jingoism.

– Comrade Apeh Kelvin Abuchi, an indigene of Ibaji LGA of Kogi State, writes from Abuja.

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