INEC Bazaar: A Holistic Commoditization of the Electoral Umpire

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A new vantage point has been unearthed in the Nigerian electoral landscape. In other words, a new phenomenon has emerged in the Nigerian electioneering lexicography and praxis. It is the phenomenon of “INEC bazaar”, which is the commercialization and commoditization of the electoral umpire; a situation where the entire electoral landscape is brazenly ceded holistically to one single individual in exchange for gargantuan pecuniary benefits.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) under Professor Mahmood Yakubu has continued to witness frightening routinization of colossal malfeasance and morbid shenanigans on a scale that has evidently butchered our electoral process.

Professor Mahmood Yakubu, strictu sensu, has unspeakably torpedoed the electoral umpire to a point where it takes divine grace to redeem. We have never had it this worse. The degree of electoral phantasmagoria under the current INEC leadership is far more wondrous and intriguing than the biblical narrative on the magical prowess of Janes and Jambres demonstrated in the palace of King Pharaoh of Egypt while contending with Moses.

INEC has convoked a meal off the bone we collectively hung on its neck for safekeeping. The mouse we depended on for the security of our collective pieces of fish, has devoured not only the fish, but has also irredeemably corroded our trust in it’s goodwill. Without mincing words, INEC under the leadership of Mahmood is most debased and decadent since the rebirth of Nigeria’s democracy.

Many Nigerians have lost faith not just in the electoral umpire, but in this country. It’s a sad development.

May God see us through.

— Odaudu Joel Minister writes from Abuja

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