Industrial Development on Okunland; Gov. Bello and the Rest of Them

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One of the strongest reasons ever, that propels or instigates racial interest in politics is the insatiable desire for development, many persons especially in sub Sahara Africa have argued that even distribution of development is most time an illusion in the government circles, this has been advanced as the reason why a people or race sets political agenda for themselves and promote same along political interests that appears to consider their set out objectives.

In Kogi state and indeed in Okunland, a race known for intellectual resources, arable farmland, rich and vast natural resources have not been too lucky to have the land developed on the industrial and infrastructural front. Although Okunland parades over five hundred professors, a people that have produced four ministers in the last twenty years including that of Industries yet had no single functional cottage industry all over the space.

Looking at the history of the unique people, it presents a people of a bubbling past, a race with fastest growing industries like the defunct Oscar Steel company, Polar, Mopa breweries, Olorunleke Furnitures et al is now a shadow of itself in terms of industrialization. Okunland in the seventies and early eighties had her youths engaged in industry at home but today, they are scattered abroad in search of greener pasture.

Between the late eighties and now, the people have produced a Chief of Air Staff, Ministers for Industries, Health, Justice and Police Affairs, Acting Governor, two Deputy Governors, Deputy CoS in the Presidency, Senate for thirteen years, ten House of Representatives members, several heads of parastatals yet the entire Okunland is a shadow of its past, her primary and secondary educational institutions are collapsing, this is the plight of a people.

You recall that the coming of an Ebira man, His Excellency, Alh Adamu Attah for just a tenure brought infrastructures that are still standing today, despite the opposition of Okun people to his government, today apart from the newly constructed Kabba-Obajana road, the road constructed by Adamu Attah that links Kabba to Okene remains the best road infrastructure in Okunland, even thirty five years after.

The efforts of same Adamu Attah offers Okun people the best Health institution in Okunland, Kabba Specialist Hospital. This revelation indicates that Okun people have benefitted more in terms of politically influenced development from Ebira than any other tribe.

Thirty three years after the exploits of Adamu Attan, providence and fate brought another Ebira to the helms of affairs and the repeat of deliberate development of Okunland on the industrial front has started. Governor Yahaya Bello has most recently reinvented, reawakened and brought back to life, the spirit of industrialization in Okunland.

After all our industries collapsed, the God of Okun people sent GYB to reawaken the sleeping giant, to inject life into the dead industry spirit in Okunland and put our youths away from searching for jobs everywhere but to make available, decent, promising and progressive jobs for over five thousand youths on the soil of Okunland. A singular decision of the Yahaya Bello government for Okunland will now provide over fifty thousand indirect jobs with the source on the soil of Okunland.

It is no more news that the Omi Rice processing industry right at the heart of Yagba land has been completed and ready for commissioning. With this singular giant stride, Okunland has resurfaced in the committee of nations with industrial presence, in Okunland, rice will now be processed and commercial activities on it now takes place on our soil. With this development, GYB has emerged as the doyen of industrial development in Okunland, his resolute commitment has shown that there is something about Ebira people and the development of Okunland.

Omi Rice processing mill has according to experts, the capacity to promote the economic viability of Okunland in unimaginable dimensions.

It is therefore clear that what Okun leaders could not do for their land, GYB has done it. This clear demonstration of love from Governor Yahaya Bello is enough reason to reconsider his reelection for the growth of Okunland.

– Ogbeni David Oni Sunday
Kogi Next Level 2019

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