Indigenous Igala Kingdom of North America Calls on Kogi Govt to Expedite Action on New Attah

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On behalf of the indigenous Igala Kingdom of North America, I, Onu Edibo Idih Abba Nizar, appeal to the relevant bodies of the Kogi state government for the return of Attah Igala and as soon as is practical.

In as much as we have been forcefully removed from our homeland, the Igala lands of present day Nigeria, we have fought an anti-slavery collective resistance in the Americas successfully from 1526 to 1858. We have been on a quest to maintain our adopted Gullah culture from 1859 till January 2021 with the reconnection to the Igala Kingdom with the the divine assistance of Ambassador Ayegba Abdullahi Adojoh.

We are eternally grateful for the Ambassador’s efforts and await the historic appearance of Attah Igala to be received officially into our Kingdom after centuries of abandonment in the lands of the great captivity of North America.

I, along with many others, have confirmed by DNA results through the University of Pennsylvania as well as other sources, our identities as Igala people.

In 2014, Attah Idakwo Ahmeh Oboni II assigned Ambassador Ayegba Abdullahi Adojoh to initiate the reconnection of the long dispersed Igala people who were kidnapped and taken to European colonies in North and South America. Since that time, he has successfully reconnected with us here in North America, the United States, South Carolina in particular, Cuba and Brazil.

In this epic struggle to reconnect to our original roots we work towards a stronger, more unified Igala Kingdom which can only strengthen and further unify the Republic of Nigeria.

We celebrated for the first time in history the Ocho Festival in America earlier this year. We are learning other traditions we have forgotten or modified to appeal to our captors while enslaved in this land.

We appeal to those in whom the power lies to help us in that endeavor. We pray for peace and for blessings upon the Igala Kingdom, the Republic of Nigeria, the continent of Africa and all Africans at home and abroad.

In Divine Servitude

– Onu Edibo Idih Abba Nizar
Indigenous Igala Representative of North America

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