In Pursuit of Consolidating Gov Yahaya Bello’s Mandate by Barr Omeiza Shadrach

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There is no gainsay that Governor Yahaya Bello ascended into the office with the help of higher and divine power with the backing of good people of Kogi State. In fact, people who were once unbelievers of God’s role in the affairs of men became the ardent believers of God’s hand in the scheme of things.

The beneficiary was no less convinced about the “God win” stake in his affairs, as he often points toward heaven to acknowledge the omnipotent God.

Now it is time to come to the realization that the journey to consolidate the mandate has just began. There are many naysayers out there just waiting for the administration of Governor Yahaya Bello to crumble like a pack of cards, but they shall wait till eternity and be put to gross shame while we celebrate the enduring success of Governor Yahaya Bello.

As many of us that are concerned about the success and progress of the administration of Governor Yahaya Bello, we must do all it takes lawfully to make sure the mandate is secured and consolidated. This is not the time to jostle for appointments nor is it time to engage in triviality. Because, Governor Yahaya Bello is a man of purpose, we must not let what he wasn’t designed for to distract him.

Consolidating the mandate also requires us to make friends out of our self- professed “enemies”. Let’s heal every wound and comfort every grievance. We must preach unity,  love and peace. This is not the time to be a sterile spectator, there must be active engagement of all. Governor Yahaya Bello is doing all it takes to transform and develop Kogi State. We must all stand by him in such a time as this.

There are serpentine and ugly voices to silence too. We must be seen to be ahead of rumor mongers and merchants of falsehood and feed the public with the right informations at the right time.

Irrespective of the unprintable names they might have called His Excellency, he remains a father to all and a trustee of our welfairs and that cannot diminished his divine status. He has come to stay and nothing shall remove him. All I ask is, let us make the pillars of his mandate firmer and unshakable.

Victoria Ascerta!
Barr. Omeiza Shadrach, E.
PRO l, Fairwin.

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