In Defense of Kogi State House of Assembly Members

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A Rejoinder to Austin Okai’s Piece on: Kogi State and The Sleeping State Assembly Members

It is sad that those who are suppose to be educated and intelligent in order to positively impact on others, have now turned themselves into bigger chieftain of confusion, just to impress their pay masters.

Let it be known to this writer that there is no Assembly Member that is playing any role as an aide to the Executive Governor of Kogi State.

I can understand his frustration and envy on the symbiotic relationship that strives between the Executive and the Legislature. All the members are Statesmen who are more interested in seeing Kogi at the next level, developmentally rather than self interest, which he is cunningly initiating. It won’t work.

The Assembly will do the needful for all concerned, just as the Executive is interested in recovering all looted funds from his pay masters that brought us to our pitiable condition, particularly the workforce.

I would have respected his position if only he was kind to advice the previous administrations the same way he now does. I rather see his vestibular as being frustrated and cunning.

No matter how much he plots to create a crisis in the Assembly, he will fail,  because, the Honourable Members are more matured than he is. The contracts from SDG are for contractors and not members. Let him be bold to publish the names if he is not being mischievous. Austin Okai, be rest assured that,  no Member or Members were ‘bribed’ with contracts as claimed by you. We don’t do such. Only your pay masters did and see where we are!

– Hon. Yusuf Haruna


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