In Defense of Hon James Faleke: Refuting Baseless Accusations

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It is absurd to even consider the notion that Hon. James Faleke, a prominent figure in Kogi state politics, would engage in underhanded dealings with Yahaya Bello. Faleke, known for his unwavering dedication to the people of Kogi state, has consistently spoken out against Bello’s oppressive governance and actively opposed his regime.

Recent allegations suggesting Faleke’s involvement in financial impropriety and hindering the EFCC’s pursuit of justice against Bello are not only groundless but also a deliberate attempt to distract from the real issues at play. Faleke has always championed integrity and transparency in politics, and any insinuation to the contrary is a distortion of his character.

Faleke’s absence during the last gubernatorial election in Kogi state underscores his principled stance on the matter. Despite endorsing Usman Ododo, Faleke’s actions and statements have consistently showcased his unwavering commitment to justice and accountability in the state.

To my fellow Kogi East brother, our region has endured significant hardships and calls for justice, but we must approach these challenges strategically and logically. Engaging in multiple battles simultaneously without unity across senatorial districts is not a winning strategy. We must be guided by facts when confronting other regions and not allow important issues like reclaiming the stolen mandate from Ododo to be overshadowed by mere rumors or speculation.

Blaming Faleke for the actions of others is a misguided attempt to deflect blame from the true culprits. It is essential that we focus on holding individuals like Yahaya Bello and his associates accountable for their actions, rather than unjustly targeting someone like Faleke, who has consistently advocated for the people of Kogi state.

In times like these, it is crucial to stand up for truth and justice and to support individuals like Hon. James Faleke, who have devoted their lives to advancing the welfare of their communities.

– Ojonugwa Baba Johnson writes from Abuja.

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