Importance of NASRDA Building Face-Lift and Its Significance

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The National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) is an agency that is now enjoying a new lease of life and good public perception, thanks to the reforms orchestrated, formulated and implemented by the present Director-General of the agency, Dr. Shehu Shaba.

Perception they say is everything. The NASRDA, all will agree, is one of the most ambitious agency that carries on its shoulders the responsibilities of launching the country towards the new age of civilisation through the space exploration programmes.

The recent facelift to the building housing the headquarters of NASRDA in Abuja is a welcome development. The world today is a global community and some have even called it a global village. The space agency of any country is a direct symbolic agency that showcases the country’s commitment to invest in knowledge which many regards as the industry of the future.

The space programme of a country like Nigeria therefore is today know as the industry that would accelerates its development. So, the recent face lift and renovations given to the headquarter building is a direct response to the clamour by space enthusiasts that the image of the agency must be changed for better performances and perception.

Today, the headquarter of NASRDA which has been face-lifted has directly and positively been given a new image. The changing perception of NASRDA by its management led by the effective and reformist director-general, Dr. Halilu Ahmad Shaba has directly impacted the agency positively.

The real story today about NASRDA is about an agency that is today regarded as the most better managed and run agency in Nigeria. The changing architecture, neatness and beautiful designs entrenched and emblazoned on the buildings has really depicted correctly the imbibement of the presidents mantra of change.

In NASRDA, the change that is being seen is that we can see in all its physicality. The morale of the staff and visitors of the agency has really been boosted owing to the fact that the changing face of the headquarters also psychologically depicts the mantra of the agency’s management that things today are done rightly and correctly.

Today, everywhere in the world the space agency’s building is symbolic in many respect. Our space agency in Nigeria is increasingly being assessed and recognised for its role as an enabler of socio-economic benefits for populations, industries/companies and even governments.

The building housing the agency is expected by many to carry with the significance of the agency. The completion and beautifications carried out by its management shows it knows it onions and what it is expected to do. The role of a nice and serene environment for workers and visitors cannot be over emphasized.

The management of NASRDA’s deliberate policy of changing the narratives of the agency through the upliftment of the structure housing the headquarter of the agency is worthy of note.

NASRDA today is regarded as the apex agency of note in Nigeria because Dr. Shaba and his management staff have since their appointment took the right steps to fulfil on its mandate and one of those step is to give it a new look through the upliftment of the headquarter building.

The expectation now is that the management and staff of the agency must now ink inward by setting up a department that would be in charge of the constant repairs, painting and the overall maintenance of the structure to avoid the practice in the past where the building is left in obsolete shape.

The role constant maintenance plays to the constant rehabilitation of buildings cannot also be overemphasized. Practices by staff and visitors to the headquarters that have led to the requirements of upliftment of the buildings in the past must be avoided.

The management of NASRDA we trust are ready to stimulate good practices that would sustain the new face of the agency.

– Musa Wada

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