Igalas Must Plant If They Wish to Harvest

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Whoever wishes or intend to make bumper harvest must do massive planting on a fertile soil garnished with strategic nourishments and conscious follow ups.

As a people, we seem not to understand the potency or importance of the dictum above. There is no way you will reap yam where you plant groundnuts. No, absolutely impossible.

If a people desire positive progress of their kins and Kingdom, there is every need to bring people up to a level or cadre where they can be influential based on the seat occupied as enabled by those privileged among the older generations. Career job opportunities of pensionable status are offered to the upcoming youths, the youths in turn build themselves on the ladder of career progression. These can be in public or private sector, military/para military and others.

Apparently, the Igalas are/were privileged to have prominent sons and daughters in various juicy and influential positions, but unfortunately, all the majority, apart from few, will do is to begin to donate millions where there are both natural and unnatural disasters, pay hospital bills of sick ones, attend funerals, weddings and other merries.

They will never contemplate human development and management whereby there will be enough to go round given the independence of those formally engaged.

Apart from Hajia Salamatu Baiwa while with FAAN; Dr. Arome Salifu of AYGF; Late Prof. Seidu Ogah of NASDRA and Humphrey Abah who as minister of interior loaded enough numbers of Igala extraction into the civil defence and immigration, the rest of our people, Permanent Secretaries, Directors, Governors and so on, forgot or refused to do the needful. If not, how on earth is no one established through the opportunities provided by a party that makes you nationally influential? Such a golden opportunity by a party in power should have raised the cader of some technocrats from your extraction. Same goes to those who worked at various positions for 35 years and retired without even a gateman to show as one person engaged or empowered. How then do you expect such people to orchestrate the music of UNITY? When you did not display or show compassion while in office, PLANT someone in any office you find yourself influential for the sake of continuity and positive progress.

Ironically, the only thing our own people deem good is amassed wealth to throw around, do merriment, attend funerals, weddings, donate huge sums whenever there both natural and unnatural disasters, placing people is never a priority to them.

As a matter of fact, investment in humans through job engagement/empowerment breed natural LOVE, purposeful ONENESS and honest fraternity. Pick up just one person of Igala extraction today as a serving/retired permanent secretary, director, minister, former governors and on, introduce them to that your colleague who has the influence to engage them even if the requirements is physical strength where paper qualifications won’t suffice.

Igala youths are not lazy but it’s only the absence of enabling environment that is affecting their productivity.

The only guarantee to our very desirous unalloyed UNITY is for us to a conscious mindset towards human management and engagement of people of our extraction in cader of job description and opportunities. Otherwise, we will continue to grope in the dark for ages.

But I have the believe that we will adjust for the betterment of our land.

A Great Ayegba Oma Idoko Land is Possible.

– Amb. Ahmed Suleiman MAS writes from Lokoja.

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