Igalamela/Odolu: PDP Order Party Agents to boycott House of Assembly Election

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The Igalamela/Odolu chapter of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has earlier today ordered party agents to boycott the House of Assembly election.

In a statement signed on behalf of  PDP Odolu stakeholders and leaders, Elder Friday Paul Sani (Makama)made it crystal clear that his ambition in politics does not worth the blood of any Kogite.

He vowed to employ adequate arsenals of rule of law to reclaim the mandate of the people stolen through unwholesome broad day robbery in the conduct of the election.

According to Makama, the decision boycott the election is predicated on the need to be “saved from that patience that makes us patient with anything less than freedom and justice.

“In Ajaka Ward one,  Okpachala people voted by showing their ballot in the air before putting into the ballot box. Evidence is the end of argument as avalanches of  video from PDP election reporters can attest to it in the court of law.

“In Avrugo, there was massive buying of vote where the electorate displayed the party individual persons voted for in the air. Afterwards the voter will go for the money APC promised each person before voting. It is an error to sell our conscience for a plate of porridge during election whereas the political officer buying it cheaply will forget you on assumption of office only to remember you at the expiration of his or her tenure in office. A politician who borrowed millions to buy votes during election and win will not hesitate to pay him or herself first, recover the lost before thinking of anyone in office. This is the reason non-payment of workers salaries becomes the order of the day.

“Imagine a Nigerian policeman who abandoned his beat to vote at Oguma polling unit Ajaka Ward one along Emachi road. Yet, we called this democracy. This is another political shenanigans which has never happened in the history of politics in this country.

“Igalamela sole administrator, Patrick Onogu, is at Ogboligba where he hails from causing trouble as at the time of filing report. Other units affected are Ajekete, Ajaobi , ijagodo ,Oji-Akpayna, Agbedo 1, 2 and so no election. The reason being that PDP was winning and the opposition couldn’t bear it  and the bad gang led by the sole administrator Igalamela started sporadic gunshots,  snatched ballot box from the various units mentioned

“Thugs disguised as security operatives  invaded Odolu community, OJiaji Ward,  Ekwuloko ward and avalanches of polling unit within the axis. This seriously threatened the peace and fundamental rights of the people as the electorate fled into the bush for safety and protection against vampires. They hijacked INEC officials, diverted them to Igalamela Guest House. We reliably gathered from INEC officials that the primary reason of this attack is  to re-thumb print another  ballot papers in favour of the APC. This going on right now at the Igamala/Odolu Hotel now. Is this democracy?

“My dear people of Igalamela/Odolu please your blood cannot be wasted for either me or anybody. I wish to inform party agents to now boycott the election APC led government has invaded Odolu picked up all ballot boxes attacked our people violently,” he said.

– Inah Stephen writes from Ajaka the headquarters of Igalamela/Odolu LG, Kogi State, Nigeria with contributions from Alfa Ahmed (aka Senator) and all Unit PDP Coordinators.

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