Igala Race Ruled Ancient Egypt for 90 Years – Monarch

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Attah Igala, HRM Dr Idakwo Ameh Oboni II, has said that Igala did not just migrate from Egypt but ruled the North African nation before their migration as a result of various crises.

He stated that Igala settled beside river Nile in the Lower Egypt and some Igala were hunters, farmers, fishermen while some were into wood works, carving, metal works, etc.

In a statement made available to newsmen, the monarch added that as a result of the increase in population of the Igala as well as to take over the rulership of  Egypt as one of the ruling classes, they [Igala] migrated a few kilometers from their initial location, by the Nile River, presently called Qau, then known as Tjebu in ancient Egyptian language and Ojobe in Igala language which literally means top of the hill because of the presence of many hills and mountains in the area.

There, he said, was the place Igala established themselves and ruled Egypt as the tenth dynasty for ninety years from around 2130 BC to 2040 BC.

The monarch who is also the author of some books including the popular book, “Ameh the Great”, explained that although many authors and historians wrote many wrong histories about Igala, the history of Igala was clear beginning from Egypt to Wukari to Idah where they finally settled, adding that Igala till date has many same vocabularies with the ancient Egyptians including the area of cultures.

He explained further that Igala and Jukun migrated from Egypt and formed a confederation with other tribes in Wukari in the present Taraba state. Igala and Jukun have cultural relationship, which is also related to that of ancient Egypt.

The Attah added that although some Igala group migrated from Egypt to other areas, Igala ethnic group in Nigeria is one of the very few oldest ethnic groups in the country, with her territories spread across about twenty nine states across Nigeria.

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