Igala Cultural Values Face Abuses – Prof. Aruwa

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The Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, Nasarawa State University, Professor Suleiman Aruwa has decried what he termed, the abuse and infiltration of the socio-cultural values of the Igala tribe, calling for a correction of the anomaly.

Prof Aruwa made the call in a keynote address delivered at the first annual public lecture orga-nized by Udama Abo Igala of the Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa, where he pointed out that unless the people bond themselves to rejuvenate their culture, the tribe would remain prone to attacks.

He averred that, “Igalas remains one tribe that cannot be distant from frankness, yet there remain one truth which is to accept that the socio-political culture of the Igala has been abused and that other tribal culture has also infiltrated the originality of the Igala rendering it cultural value low.

“The values and the ethics of Kwararafa Kingdom, even though split on political interest and settlement needs to be rejuvenated among the tribes in the Kwararafa Kingdom. Until we are bounded again as a way of culture, our territorial ways continues to be porous to attacks.

“The Kwararafa family must unite and see themselves as brother’s keepers for peace to reign.”

Member of House of Representatives, Hon. Hassan Omale, in his opening address, said the Igala people, known for their hospitality, have today, been torn apart by acrimony and social unrest which, he said was occasioned by recent political development that has affected the usual peace and respect for the rule of law.

According to him, it would be expedient to start correcting the anomaly before it also overwhelm the younger generation of Igala


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