Igala Community Lauds Senator Echocho’s Timely Intervention on Shintaku-Dekina-Anyigba Road Project

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The Igala community has applauded Senator Jibrin Isah Echocho for his swift action on the Lokoja-Shitanku-Dekina-Anyigba road project.

This critical infrastructure, including the spur to Ogbabo, Abocho-Olowa and Odenyi Dekina road had been neglected for years.

The timely intervention by Senator Echocho has revived the project, bringing much-needed relief and optimism to the community.

Engr. Lawrence Ankpa, representing the Igala Vanguard, expressed the community’s gratitude in a formal statement.

“The road project had long been a source of concern for us, facing years of neglect. Senator Echocho’s intervention has brought the contractors back on site, rekindling our hopes,” Akpa said.

The Igala Vanguard highlighted Senator Echocho’s numerous achievements during his second term, including empowerment programs, food distribution, solar lighting, boreholes, and renovation initiatives.

“We are proud of Senator Echocho’s achievements and his dedication to the progress of our community.

“We urge everyone to set aside political differences and unite in support of Senator Echocho’s development efforts,” he emphasized.

Igala Vanguard expressed deep appreciation for Senator Echocho’s relentless service.

“We appreciate your dedication and commitment to our progress, and we encourage you to continue your good work for the benefit of all,” Akpa added.

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