If You Want to Leave PDP, Do So With Decorum – Kogi West Youths Tackle Melaye

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Kogi West PDP Youth Alliance has cautioned Senator Dino Melaye to stop fanning embers of discord among members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kogi state.

In the statement signed by the leader of the group, Hon. Isiak Suleiman, they warned Melaye to stop creating crisis in the party where non exist.

The youth group said if Melaye want to leave PDP as it is been rumoured, he should leave with decorum as they will not allow anyone destroy the party they have laboured so hard to build.

“After all, he only came in 2018 to profit from what we built and reaped from our sweat. We will not let him or anyone no matter how high he think of himself destroy our party,” the group warned.

The group queried why Senator Dino who joined the party late 2018 in asking for audit of the party finances from 2016.

According to Isiak, “the same man who has been attending the state caucus meeting where the finances of the party is made known to the leaders and has never raised any objection. One will wonder why he is raising a fictitious petition against the state Executives of the party if not for a selfish ulterior motives.”

“Senator Dino also accused the Kogi state chairman of loosing his ward during the last Governorship election in Kogi State even when the record shows that he also lost his Iluafon unit and Ayetoro ward 1 during the same election. It is sheer hypocrisy to demand from others what you also lack. We also recall how he turned down the offer to lead the campaign for the party simply because he lost out at the governorship primaries. It is a know fact that Senator Dino will not support the party if he is not a direct beneficiary.

“We also wonder why Senator Dino Melaye think that an audit of the party finances is the solution to the false claim that the state chairman of the party is sidelining some members and running the party like a private business. What is the correlation between financial audit and inclusiveness in this case, the group queried.

“We urged Senator Dino and his unknown stakeholders group to come out clear on personal issues he has with some members of the state executives as we will no longer tolerate this act of gross insubordination from him.”

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