If Not Capt. Wada, Who Else Will Deliver for Kogi PDP in November

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True to the beauty of democracy in Nigeria, every four years the tenureship of a Nigerian State Governor expires, for the people of the State to go to the polls and elect for themselves, who their next Governor should be.
To this end, Kogi State is not an exception. First of all, we pray that God help Kogi State in this trying times. Much more, as a PDP supporter I pray that the PDP in Kogi State gets it right as the people of Kogi State are yearning for an alternative, ahead of November.

There exist a lot of aspirants, time and time again I wonder if they really have what it takes to #GetKogiWorkingAgain. This is because the average psychology in Kogi State now is beyond the game of politics. It is a case of survival now. The way and manner in which hopelessness is upon the waters and air of Kogi State since the advent of Governor Yahaya Bello’s government, is disheartening and tear-dropping.

To this rescue, we need to ask all the PDP aspirants for the Kogi Governorship election to sincerely tell us if they have what it takes to revive the hope and once-blossoming destiny of Kogi State.

The permutation towards the forthcoming Kogi State election should not be too much about politics but about the job of revival of Kogi State.

In support of this school of thought, I advise the PDP in Kogi State to let the immediate past Ex-Governor of Kogi State, Captain Idris Ichalla Wada to get on the PDP ticket and be supported to go back to Government House and in four years right the wrongs brought upon Kogi State by the APC since January 2016.

What Kogi needs right now as a Governor is not a product of political permutation but a personality with work experience in terms of the job of being a Governor in time past. To match this criteria, it is only His Excellency Captain Idris Wada that match such curriculum vitae (CV).

Captain Idris Wada is politically good to go, by governorship job experience he is good to go. In terms of the practicals, Captain Idris Wada is good to go. Captain Idris Wada has also been a loyal party member since day one. Captain Idris Wada in terms of personal records is free of any controversy at all.

I look at the affairs of Kogi State as it is right in its current pitiable state, and I find nobody else who match the requirements of who is fit as a PDP Governorship material ahead of November, aside His Excellency Captain Idris Wada.

Any other PDP Governorship aspirant in Kogi State is coming to the table with theory and loads of assumptions, but His Excellency Captain Idris Wada is coming to the table with experience and practical ideologies as to how to revive Kogi State.

On these considerations, I let my mind wander and I wonder, among the PDP aspirants that have declared; if not Captain Idris Wada, who else can go to the people of Kogi State and convince them as to the race for Lugard House and deliver PDP in the process when the State goes to the polls in November?

On this note I appeal to the PDP stakeholders in Kogi State to consider critically and not let too much political permutations overshadow them from seeing the sure winning benefits the Party stands in the candidacy of His Excellency Captain Idris Wada.

– Issa Itopa Lucky, a PDP supporter, writes from Lokoja.

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