Idah 2019: Student Group Calls on Ukubile to Join Assembly Race

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Igala PDP Students Forum has called on Hon. Ukubile Ochijenu to contest 2019 House of Assembly elections
In a statement issued by Comrade Abdulmalik Idris after a stakeholder meeting in Idah on Thursday, the Forum said 2015 election showed how much the youths love Ukubile.
“In the race for the liberation of youths, we, the entire sons and daughters of Idah wish to call on Hon. Ukubile Acharu Ochijenu to contest and represent Idah constituency at the state house of assembly in 2019.
“The last election attests to that fact that Idah people need Ukubile Ochijenu in the State Assembly to represent  them. His three months spell in the chamber has shown us how ready he is and how focused he is. You saw the evil plans of Governor Yahaya Bello from a far distance when you started drawing the map to impeach the Governor from office. That makes him to use the powers of the executive to manipulate your election process that was done free and fair before the arrival of Governor Yahaya Bello in office.
“The disgrace for All Progressive Congress (APC) in the state, Kogi East and Idah to be specified will not end until we pull them out of that office they are misusing. We welcome Haruna Idoko Musa to still come to test his popularity in this coming election that will make him to know how he has failed us totally and sold us out due to his own personal interest.
“Now that we are ready to cast our votes again, no amount of rigging can alter our results. We are really ready to vote Ukwubile Acharu Ochijenu as our representative in Kogi State House Assembly. We need a vibrant and focused lawmaker that can speak for his people, not for his family. We need a representative that can speak for the interest
of the youth of Idah at large, not for small group of people. We need a man that will remember Angwa, Ubi-Egbe erosion that is threatening many buildings in Angwa and making many family homeless.
“We wonder why Haruna Idoko Musa has never sponsored a bill for the positive development of Idah youths and loudly call on Ukwubile Acharu Ochijenu to come and save us from this political failure.
“We don’t want a representative that will keep silent over non-payment WAEC fees by Kogi state government, we don’t need a representative that will support annexing our lands for cattle colony,” he said.

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