ICDA National EXCO Dissolved, Caretaker Committee Gets Ata Igala’s Blessing

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The National Executive Council of Igala Cultural Development Association (ICDA) has been dissolved by the Board of Trustees of the socio-cultural association.

An interim national caretaker committee has been inaugurated with immediate effect to avoid vacuum.

The Board of Trustees of ICDA dissolved the former national executive council led by Alhaji Abubakar Sadiq Amodu on Thursday at the Stephen Achema Sport Complex in Idah.

An interim body, under the chairmanship of Chief Samuel Oyibo, the Odoma Achadu Ata Igala, was inaugurated to run the affairs of the apex social-cultural association of Igala nation.

Speaking on behalf of Board of Trustees, the chairman of the BOT, Dr Simeon Oyigun said the Sadiq Amodu led National Executive Council of the ICDA was dissolved, among other reasons, because of lost of confidence, deviation from cause of Igala, conflict of interest between the executive council and the interest of Igala people as well as involvement of the body in politics, using the association to feather his personal nest and exercising power beyond its constitutional role, which obviously ridiculed the much revered Ata Igala stool and Igala kingdom.

Shedding more light on the dissolution, the board of trustees Secretary, Hon. David Ogwu said all efforts to make the Sadiq-led national  executive council of the association to see reason and retreat from its unconstitutional behaviour and identify with Igala cause or interests, which was the basis of the existence of ICDA, failed.

According to Hon. Ogwu, ICDA was set up to promote the socio-cultural interest of Igala nation, so it remains the eyes of Igala people, and as such, history will not forgive them if they had refused to take action, as the Sadiq led national executive council of the association continue to drag the people of Igala nation in the mud because of his own personal interest and his cohorts.

The BOT noted that it is alien and an embarrassment on Igala nation for the ICDA to involve itself on award giving venture which obviously better the interest of the executive members rather than promoting the people of Igala kingdom.

The ICDA Board of Trustees therefore resolved that to bring sanity to the body, a 20-member national caretaker committee has been constituted with terms of reference: to take charge of the affairs of ICDA in the best interest of Igala people; review and produce an acceptable constitutional bylaw that best serve the major policy thrust of  Igala people and nation; coordinate and reconcile all interest  and opinions in the structure and stakeholders of ICDA; plan, organise and conduct election into the executive committee of ICDA as appropriate within 90 days (3months).

Also, the committee has been empowered to ensure and build peace and harmony in the body for purpose of unity and progress in Igala nation; undertake any other suitable activities that will serve the interest and objectives of the Igala land including liaising with relevant stakeholders, traditional institutions and other affiliate socio- cultural groups, stakeholders and ICDA branches.

While receiving the newly constituted interim national working committee of the ICDA at his palace in Idah on Thursday, shortly after the body was inaugurated by the BOT of the Association, Ata Igala, HRM Michael Idakwo Ameh Oboni II enjoined them to be focused, consistent and loyal to the Igala cause.

The revered monarch urged the Igala nation to collaborate with each other to develop Igala land, advising his subjects to evolve productive venture or ideas that will promote the values of Igala nation, not hollow  project that has no bearing with the upliftment of the land.

He urged that all hands must be on deck to see that Igala land receive the development it deserves.

Ata Igala charged the newly constituted care taker committee members of socio-cultural group to bring life to the association for the benefit of all in the kingdom.

Meanwhile, among others, the following people were inaugurated as the interim national caretaker committee: Chief Samuel Oyibo, chairman; Dr Cletus Arome, Sir S.Y Jibrin, Barrister Williams Ameh, secretary; Col Sani Tahir (rtd), Col Obeche (rtd), Dr Yakubu Ugwolawo, Sir Tom Idakwo, Sir Jones Iduh, Barrister Williams Ameh, Hon. Agnes Momoh, Hon. Agnes Adejo, Ambrose Akpah, Labaran Tijani, Hon Abdullazeez Idoko, Sir Tom Idakwo, Abdullahi Sekiru, Mr Godwin Idakwo, Arch.Justice  Akwu, Hon. M. M. Ocheni and Isah Abuh.

Chairman Caretaker Committee of ICDA, Samuel Oyibo, at the inauguration

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