Ibaji Progressive Youth Hail Emergence of First Female Lawmaker, Comfort Nwuchola

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Dear Hon. Mrs Comfort Nwuchola,

The Ibaji Progressive Youth Foundation wish to congratulate you on your victory as the first female House of Assembly member-elect in  Ibaji Constituency.

Accept our warm congratulations on your victory and our best wishes for your success as you prepare to take up the responsibilities, challenges and bad legacy left by your predecessors.

Now that the votes have been cast and counted, and the pendulum has swung to elect you to represent our Constituency, we wish to remind you that your victory is not from Political Party, your victory is from the people of Ibaji.

Your loyalties should not be for Political Party or group of individuals, your loyalties should be for the Constituency you represent.

The pendulum that elected you sees you as a mother who understands the pains of children. You don’t need to be told the pains and sufferings Ibaji Children are going through. Show friendship and sympathetic interest to the entire Ibaji people.

We look forward to see you perform ninety nine percent (99%) than your two percent (2%) predecessors. That is the only way you can write your name in gold and draw more relationship and the confidence our people have in you.

May God make you to succeed and build a good legacy (Amen).

Once again, Congratulations!

Ojodomo Unekwu
National PRO
For: Ibaji Progressive Youth Foundation 

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