House of Reps: Bunu District Deserves The Opportunity To Represent Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency

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The Quest For Equity, Justice And Fair Play.

It’s often said that nobody can represent you better than yourself. After decades of exploitation and marginalisation, it has dawned on the people of Bunu district that nobody can represent the interest of Bunu district better than an indigene of Bunu.

It’s crystal clear that only an indigene from Bunu can save us from the deplorable state of our roads, infrastructural facilities, education, economy, agriculture. Bunu indigene will take appropriate measure to curb the underdevelopment of Bunu district; it’s absurd to know that many of the villages in Bunuland exist with little or no government presence at the federal, state or local government.

The call for Bunu district to represent Kabbba/Bunu/Ijumu federal constituency at the green chamber 2019 is a call Bunu indigene that lives with the problems facing Bunu district to be in a position to address them. Hon. Wemi Jones will show more concern because he is deeply involved. We request that a Bunu indigene who is deeply worried about the fate of Bunu district be given an opportunity to show that the goose that lays the golden egg can be saved for the benefit of the constituency.

Having been marginalised and exploited over the years, we the good people of Bunu district under the platform of Bunu Emancipation and Advancement Frontiers (BEAF) have no other alternative than to seek the mantle of leadership to the national assembly representing the overall interest of Kabba/ Bunu/Ijumu federal constituency. That Hon. Wemi Jones can join in correcting the abuses of the past regime.

The electoral relevance of Bunu district over the years, the voting strength of Bunu district has always determined who wins the house of rep election. We the good people of Bunu district have now realised that something is happening to our cooperate existence as a constituency; our cries over the years have fallen on deaf ears. Thus we have all come to an irrevocable decision to seek to represent the constituency with Hon. Wemi Jones as the APC flag bearer.

Bunu district will religiously mobilise to win election for the ruling party APC. In this burning spirit of mass commitment, Bunu district ask that the ruling party APC to pick Hon. Wemi Jones as their flag bearer to represent Kabba / Bunu/Ijumu federal constituency during the fourth coming primary election. It was the Greek Archimedes who said “Da mihi locum stare et mundummovebo.” ‘Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth’. We the people of Bunu are only asking for their own opportunity to show the constituency can be better managed. We believe that he who wears the shoe knows where the nail pinches.


Comr. Omonijo Victor Kelvin (OVK)
Coordinator, Bunu Emancipation and Advancement Frontiers (BEAF)

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