House of Assembly Race: I Respect Yagba East Zoning Arrangement, I Won’t Seek 2nd Term – Aina Charles

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House of Assembly Candidate of Independent Democrats (ID) for Yagba East state constituency, Pastor Charles Aina has called on the electorate to jettison the old order as represented by Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressives Congress (APC).

In an exclusive chat with Kogireports on Monday in Lokoja, Aina called on the people of Yagba East to Independent Democrats (ID) as the credible alternative political platform. He posited that there is little or no difference between the ruling APC and the PDP.

The House of Assembly hopeful stated that he won’t toy with the idea of a second term in the House if elected because of the age-long zoning tradition in Yagba East local government.

“I respect the brilliant zoning arrangement in Yagba East. The zoning of political offices was established by our elders to ensure equity and fairness. Anyone working against the zoning arrangement is working against God.

“I will focus all my energies and resources on making the four years single term a success. I will not seek a consecutive second term in the Assembly. That will be ungodly.

“PDP ruled for 16 years and we all know the baggage the party came with. APC has been in power for three and half years but it is still the same old story. APC is even worse. We need something different.

“Yagba East is a blessed constituency. I am proud to come from Yagba East. From childhood, we were taught that we all have a role to play in the development of our society. If you look around, you will discover that a larger percentage of social infrastructures in Yagba East were initiated by the communities. From schools, to clinics and even electrification projects. Most of these were community projects before government stepped in. We were taught how to be patriotic from tender ages,” he said.

Pastor Aina disclosed that his representation, if elected, will be hinged on three principles; transparency, citizen-led legislation and practical empowerment.

“If elected, I will disclose the exact amounts earmarked by the government for Yagba East as constituency allowance and interventions. As we speak, constituents do not know how much has been allocated to them as constituency allowance. This will change. If I fail to disclose this to the letter, the electorate should recall me. This is a covenant between the constituents and I. I will hold regular town hall meetings where I will disclose all details and harvest opinion of my people.

“If elected, I guarantee active representation. The era of ‘I support’ will be over. I will sponsor bill and motions based on the yearnings of my constituents. Some legislators speak about issues they were not sent to talk about. I will always present the views of my people.”

Aina pledged to fully utilise constituency allowance to empower his people.

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