Hon. Umar Ahmed Imam: A Square Peg in a Square Hole by Williams Toyin

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In the past few days, Kogi State have been in the news yet again, this time, it is not over who becomes governor, but over the lingering crisis that is rocking its state house of assembly.

In the midst of the hypes and jibes is a man that stands out in a class of his own, a really distinguished not just in letters alone but also in deed, moderate in physique but tall in accomplishment and of impeachable  principle. He is the new and 11th speaker of the Kogi State house of assembly, Hon. Umar Ahmed Imam.

An accomplish Graphic Artist and administrator, Hon. Umar Ahmed Imam is an epitome of what a modern day legislature ought to be. Cool, calm, level headed, humble, calculated and educated with a master’s degree in History and Strategic Studies. Before becoming a legislature of repute, he has distinguished himself as a true son of Lokoja. From his stint with the civil service, he has proved to be a resource that is useful to humanity, no wonder, he floored an incumbent legislature of gigantic personality to clinch the legislative seat representing Lokoja 1 constituency. While with the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), through him, a host of Kogites got not just jobs but admissions into tertiary institutions.

His generosity spans beyond just getting them jobs and admission. I had a one-on-one chat with somebody, who was unequivocal in his assertion that Hon. Umar Ahmed Imam paid his 1st semester school fee in National Diploma 2 (ND2) levels while in school. During all these periods, becoming a legislature may not have crossed him mind, all he did was for the love of the people. Indeed he is a man with a heart that is not just functioning but in the right state. He did all he ca do to whoever comes his way, irrespective of tribe and religion.

Upon inauguration into office, Hon Umar Ahmed Imam hit the ground running with the speed of lightning and achieving. He put  various youth empowerment and skill acquisition programs. Popular amongst them is HAISEAP (Hon Alfa Imam Skill Acquisition and Empowerment Programme) where youths are trained in various vocations so as to acquire skills in these choice areas. He didn’t stop there, he provided them with facilities that will enable them to function upon completion of the scheme, so that they can be useful to them selves and the society at large.

Hon. Umar Ahmed Imam is selfless to a fault. On numerous occasions, the distinguished speaker, Hon. Umar Ahmed Imam, took out time of his tight schedule to visit schools within his constituency so as to have a first hand feel of the plight of the pupils and their teachers as well.

On each of these occasions, the Speaker shares instructional material to the pupils for their usage. Another group of people who receive the prompt and timely response of Hon. Imam Alfa are the flood victim of Lokoja metropolis. Hon. Umar Ahmed Imam, responded promptly providing succor and relief to them. Space would not permit me to keep reeling out the achievements of Hon Imam Alfa to mention a few.

Hon. Umar Ahmed Imam displayed a rare exemplary and leadership quality on the issue of the initial impeachment of the Speaker, we would all remember that , Hon. Umar Ahmed Imam, was the only legislature who came out to disassociate himself from the purported impeachment that initially rocked the house.

and so when the second impeachment  was carried out, looking at all available options for replacement, Hon. Umar Ahmed Imam comes into mind as the one that stands out and fits in well to become the speaker of the house, a square peg for a square hole, and thus he became the 11th speaker of the Kogi state house of assembly. I want to use this medium to congratulate you Mr Speaker and it is my pray, our prayer that you will represent us well and that your tenure will bring long lasting peace and development to Lokoja and  kogi state at large.

– Williams Charles Oluwatoyin writes from Lokoja

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