Hon Rabiu Is Well Acquainted With An Egalitarian Style Of Politics – Comrade Nasir

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As I shall not be a slave, so I shall not be a master and this explains my idea of politics for whatever I shall say or do is governed by this principle. Therefore, the reason I cannot see and keep quiet. In the light of the foregoing, I want to say what I have seen about the honorable member representing Ankpa 2 constituency at the Kogi state house me assembly-Hon Rabiu Momoh Alfa.

Before then, I want to quickly refresh memories on how leadership and elective offices to be precise are hitherto characterised by ego cum self service rather than the people as the contrary of this impression is what has distinguished Hon Rabiu Mommoh Alfa. Moreover, having contested three times with two unsuccessful outing before the third one which he became victorious; it is not very suprising that “Hon Rabiu has acquainted himself with egalitarian style of politics”.

However, going the estra mile is the unique component of this quintessential law maker. For the records, Hon Rabiu is the simplest, all encompassing and focused public servant I have come to know as his wherewithal to human matters go beyond age, gender, status and faith. He listens to the silent whisper of minds and serves the common
interest of all but even with there virtues, he never compromise truth and there lie the slander of his antics. In fact, coming from a very reputable family which has been hitherto highly placed in the society should have misguided his conducts with arrogance but the more events arise, the receptive he becomes.

By and large, humility they say is a public perfume. Thus, as often as we humble ourselves, the more we get loved by the society and I therefore call on all those within the structure of public service to emulate Hon Rabiu who have despite his rare privileges chosen humility as his major conducts depict absolute apathy to the differences civilisation brought to humanity against the scriptural belief that all men are equal before God.

God Bless Humanity!

By Comrade A. M. Nasir


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