Hon Jibril Abu: Making Waves in Ajaokuta Constituency

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Honorable Jibril Abu, the representative of Ajaokuta constituency in the Kogi State House of Assembly, has been making headlines for his impressive achievements during his first year in office.

I am inspired by the accolades he has received and his commitment to doing more. In his recent press release addressing his constituents on his one year in office, he humbly stated some of his accomplishments so far and clearly restated that such track records of today merely scratch the surface of what he intend to do before his tenure elapse.

While some may have doubted him initially, Hon. Jibril Abu has proven wrong, all the ill thoughts about his personality with his remarkable track records.

His critics had expected him to disappoint, labeling him “Call him all sort of Pro names” and predicting he would neglect his constituents after his election victory. However, he has defied these expectations, and his achievements have left us impressed.

As a son of the renowned Ozi’Udu dynasty, known for their quality leadership, it is no surprise that Hon. Jibril Abu is following in his father’s footsteps who was one of the pioneers in the creation of Ajaokuta LGA.

His leadership has been impressive, and he has set the bar high. However, I believe it is essential to manage expectations, as exceeding lower expectations can lead to greater appreciation, which by implications means that higher expectations is costly for anyone to satisfy. The lower expectations has for Hon Jibril is advantageous because he was able to act to the hype and admiration of the people with his footprints so far.

Once again, I would like to acknowledge Hon. Jibril Abu’s remarkable achievements and in the same vein draw his attention to an area that need continuous attention, the area of job creation in Ajaokuta LGA owning to the fact that the potential for economic growth and prosperity in any place hinges on opportunities for employment and empowerment.

As a youth from the area, I and the likes of others believed that gaining lucrative employment through his office would be a dream come true for many of us.

Congratulations, Hon. Jibril Abu, on your enviable track record, and we look forward to seeing more from you.

Bello Abdulganiu Ozovehe, an indigene of Ajaokuta in Kogi state and a serving NYSC Corp Member, writes from Borno State.

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