Herdsman Trespass on Farm, Attempt to Rape Woman in Kogi Community

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President of Takete-Ide Progressive Union (TIPU), Prince Dare Fiki has raised alarm over the continued harassment of women in lonely places and other security violations by fulani herdsmen.

Fiki raised the alarm on the backdrop of an attempt by a herdsman to rape a woman on her farm in Takete Ide community, Mopa-Amuro local government area of Kogi state last Tuesday.

The marauding herdsman reportedly invaded her garden, attacked her with machete in an attempt to rape her.

It was gathered that the traumatised victim of the failed rape was on her farm behind one Chief Omoniwa’s house in the outskirts of Takete Ide when the herdsman with his cattle invaded her garden.

Afraid of infuriating the intruder, she looked on as the cattle fed on and destroyed her crops.

When the animals have had their fill, the herdsman led them out of the garden. But, he immediately returned and made a violent advance to satisfy his sexual urge.

The terrified woman shouted and picked race. The unfazed herder followed her in quick steps, dangling a machete ad shouting “dori falafala.”

He caught up with her and attacked the poor woman with machete. However, the woman was saved from the harrowing experience when a motorcyclist arrived the scene and halted the attempted rape.

This had led for calls for efforts to check the trend by sons and daughters of the community.

“It is really scary. So, the Bororos no longer wait in the bushes to curse harm for us but you can go to near by bush to ease oneself and end up being harmed by them. You can imagine what could have happened without somebody passing by. Government should please come to our aid,” retiree said on a social media platform.

On his part, the President of Takete-Ide Progressive Union suggested the combined use of tested traditional safety methods and the conventional security personnel to tackle the menace.

“My appeal is to the government to come to our rescue. We have a situation where our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters are painfully being harassed and violated by this criminal group. All over Okun land, farms are no longer safe,” Fiki said.

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