Health Insurance Agency Intensifies Biometric Enrollment of Vulnerable Persons in Kogi

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Kogi State Health Insurance Agency has intensified efforts in the biometric enrollment of the vulnerable persons across the twenty one local government areas of the state.

The Executive secretary of the Agency, Dr. Adekunle Aledare said the biometric enrolment is a follow up to the verification of vulnerable persons on the Kogi State Youth Empowerment and Social Support Operation (YESSO) single register carried out by the agency staff last November across thestate.

Dr. Aledare further said the biometric enrolment is in line with the Basic Health Care Provision Fund and Bello Care Programme for the free treatment of the vulnerable in the state.

The executive secretary explained that the biometric enrolment kicked off last year December in Ogori-Magongo local government area.

He added that Okene, Adavi and Okehi local government areas took their turns last week.

He also disclosed that some local government areas in Kogi West district will be enrolled this week.

Aledare urged the vulnerable persons, whose names were verified in YESSO single register by the agency staff last November across the state, to obtain their National Identity Number (NIN) as a criteria for the biometric enrollment.

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