Guber Poll: Kogi West’s Vote for APC a Panacea for Power Rotation

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Kogi West senatorial zone is indeed in the eyes of storm for the forthcoming governorship election. This era is the most herculean and turbulent time of their life to decide their fate in the power equation of the state.

God in His magnanimity has shifted power from Kogi East senatorial zone for justice, equity and fair play to prevail, but it is left to us to maintain the status quo for rotation to take place within the axis of the state.

Power shift is different from power rotation. Rotation means to go round while shift is a temporary movement from its former base. If power moves back to Kogi East without getting to Kogi West senatorial zone it means power only shifted and not rotated.

Power rotation is the dream of every Kogite for sense of belonging and contributions of other zones to the development and progress of the state.

The decision of the Kogi West to camp with the Central in the coming election is not just a wise move but a decision to take their destiny in the hands. Power to the Western senatorial zone is just by the corner if they vote APC as decided but any mistakes by voting PDP for any reason, power will move away from them for the next good eight (8) years to come, so, the choice is theirs to choose which one they cherish most.

The coming election is indeed an acid test for the Western senatorial zone on sincerity of purpose and courage to create their destiny and writing of words on the marble.

The write up becomes necessary as a result of past experience in the time of late Senator A T Ahmed and late Alh. Adamu Atta’s second term in 1983. May we not go back to Egypt. Amen.

I strongly believe that maturity and awareness has come to play in the dynamism of wisdom and need of the zone, hence they will do their talk.

Dear patriots, this election is survival and emancipation of other Kogites from intra-political slavery embarked upon by the Kogi East senatorial zone.

Once again for a reminder, Kogi State was created on TRIPOD STAND, the combination of Kogi West, Central and East senatorial zones and all of the zones are heir apparent to the governorship position of the state.

No Zone can win election in isolation, therefore, we’re interdependent of each other. Sixteen (16) years rule by the Igala is enough for them to take break for others zones to show their ingenuity. Thanks to the rational ones amongst them for team play in the oneness of the state.

Once more, I salute the courage of good people of the State who believes in Kogi project.

I urge the people of Kogi Central to always look back whenever taking a walk with the West. History is human guide and of intellect. Congratulations in advance.

– Nasir Onujabe

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