Group Petitions Police Over Assault, Threat to Lives of Ibaji People by Abu Alhassa, Cohorts

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Commissioner of Police,
Lokoja, Kogi State.

Dear Sir,


The above subject refers.

With due regards, we introduce to you, IBAJI PROGRESSIVE YOUTH FOUNDATION (IPYF) which is a civil society Organization with primary focus on entrenching democratic values and constitutionalism into the body polity of the Nigerian state through legitimate and lawful means.

Our attention has been drawn to a provocative, barbaric, unconstitutional, undemocratic, uncivilized and murderous threat in the media, credited to controversial Abu Alhassa and cohort from Idah Local Government, Kogi State, who was reported to have made a declaration on a viral 4-minutes Video threatening to disrupt, kill any Ibaji citizens coming to Ega market to sell farm produce.

We are shocked and condemn in strong terms, this offensive, barbaric, misconduct, irresponsible, lawless, impunity, inciting, invitation to anarchy and despicable utterance of Abu Alhassa who is suppose a mirror of an institution of state which is supposed to symbolize unity, discipline, and order. Abu Alhassa, once again has shown that he is untouchable lawless citizen who has no respect for lifes and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and will continue to constitute public opprobrium to the image and integrity of the good Citizens of Idah Local Government as long as he continue to walk away without arrest or prosecution.

The Nigeria police by the constitution establishing it is charged with the responsibility of maintaining law and order through enforcement of the law. The right to terminate the life of any citizen is constitutionally entrusted in the courts through interpreting the constitution and meting out punishment to violators of the law. It is unconstitutional and criminal of any person or organization to dehumanize or kill human beings without the authorization of the courts.

Therefore, in the light of the above we demand the following:

  1. Immediate arrest and trial of Abu Alhassa for violating the constitution through threats of attempted murder against Ibaji People and Nigerians.
  2. Immediate reorientation of Idah Citizen in line with global best practices of embracing peace and harmony, who might have been contaminated by Abu Alhassa and cohort to dehumanize or kill Ibaji or any Nigeria Citizen living within the domicile of Idah.
  3. Immediate and unreserved public apology to Ibaji, Nigeria Citizens for this threat to life and assault on their sensibilities by Abu Alhassa and Cohort.

We appeal to you sir, with immediate effect order the arrest of Abu Alhassa and cohort as the people of Ibaji Local Government are law abiding citizens that believes in sanctity of law and peaceful coexistence.

Accept our esteem regards.

Yours Faithfully,

Comr. Apeh Kelvin Abuchi
National President

Egwu Linus

Idah Caretaker Chairman
Ibaji Caretaker Chairman
Attah Igala
Ejeh Ibaji
Nigeria Navy
Nigeria Army.

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