Grading of Ohinoyi Ebira in Kabba, Others a Reckless Attempt to Subjugate Okunland – ODI

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Okun Development Initiative (ODI) has condemned the recent grading and upgrading of traditional stools in Kogi state.

ODI was particularly irked by the grading of “alien stools” in Okun land, describing the action as a “reckless attempt to subjugate Okunland”.

In a terse statement signed by the group’s National Coordinator, Deacon Olusuyi Otitoju, ODI said the traditional leadership institution in Kogi state is being gradually driven into disrepute for reasons not noble.

ODI queried the rationale behind the creation and grading of Ohinoyi Egbira in Kabba, Jauro of Ijumuland and the Ohinoyi Anebira of Origa-Ijumu.

“How come, this nouvelle contraptions were not replicated such that there will be an Obaro of Okun in Okene, Okehi and Adavi? 

“Why was this gesture not extended to Igalaland such that an Ohinoyi Anebira of Ankpa will be created and graded?,” the group asked.

Okun Development Initiative vowed to challenge the recent actions of the Kogi State Government as it relates to the recent regrading and upgrading of chieftaincy stools in the state.

“Okunland is not a captured territory and every attempt to put it under subjugation will be resisted with all legal means at its disposal.

“Okunland cannot be made the laboratory of every weird social, cultural and political experiment by the Kogi State Government under Alhaji Yahaya Bello. If this is an addition to several actions and utterances to skew the coming governorship election in the state in favor of the anointed candidate of the Governor, the ill-advised and poorly implemented upgrading and regrading exercise will yield no positive result and won’t stand the test of time,” the statement read.

Okun Development Initiative kicked against “the obvious attempt to put Okunland under subjugation in addition to the political marginalization the area has been suffering.”

“For the avoidance of doubt, the powers of the state government to embark on the exercise is not in question, what is worrisome is the haphazard and unfair manner it was done.

“In sane climes, there are established procedures for upgrading and regrading of chieftaincy stools but in this case, due process has been trashed for political, ethnic and personal considerations devoid of equity and fairness.

“For those rejoicing in the face of this blatant and arrogant misuse of power, let it be known that in the fullness of time, the present government in Kogi State will understand the transience of power.”

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