Governor Yahaya Bello’s High Propensity for Lies: A Disclaimer

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Director General of Media and Publicity to Kogi State Governor, Kingsley Fanwo once again published on Daily Independent Newspaper a broad day lies asserting that Kogi State under the leadership of Alhaji Yahaya Bello provided electricity in Omala Local government Area in Kogi East Senatorial District. 

In the said article, he claimed that the former Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris who hails from Omala did not provide infrastructure in nine years he governed the state.

The claim was not only a broad day lie, but it further battered the infinitesimal image left of Yahaya Bello’s administration which in the last three years achieved nothing,  but stealing of Kogi people’s common patrimony.  It speaks of the lack of indepth knowledge of affairs of the state government that is run by a ‘2-man gang’.

Without sounding harangue, Omala Local government in today’s Kogi State have been politically exposed having produced the first Deputy Governor, in the person of Alhaji Suleiman Iyaji (still alive) in the first Republic which was headed by the late Shehu Shagari between 1979 to 1983.

Within that era, Abejukolo, the headquarters of Omala Local Government was (1) electrified; (2) there was world Bank sponsored pipe borne water which is still functioning till date; (3) there was establishment of cottage hospital still functioning till date; (4) Prince Abubakar Audu of blessed memory constructed one of the best road network from Anyigba to Abejukolo as Commissioner for Works under a military administration in the old Benue State.

Of course, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, an indigene of Omala complemented on the already existing infrastructure, not only in his place, but in other parts of the state as a detribalised Governor. Besides, governance is continuum, why can’t Yahaya Bello’s administration continue from where his predecessors stopped?

Furthermore, what a paradox in the claims that Yahaya Bello performed in Kogi East more than any previous Governor of Igala extraction. Mr.  Kingsley and his principal should be reminded that Ibrahim Idris was paying WAEC and NECO fees students for nine years.

One is aghast over Kingsley Fanwo’s serial blatant lies in the state matters as if Kogi State is an animal kingdom where the reasoning of human is at the lowest ebb.

Let me quickly put the record in the right perspective. There was electrical poles erected from Agbenema (Opada/Ofejiji ward) by the then Omala Local government Chairman, Mr. Aminu Atabo during Alhaji Ibrahim Idris time.  Between Agbenema which is in Abejukolo centre is five minutes and the poles cannot be more than fifteen in numbers. I do know it was an uncompleted project and cannot have more than two transformers.

It should be noted that if the contractor that completed the electrification from Agbenema to Abejukolo claimed to have installed more than two transformers, then Kogi State might have been defrauded and it is good enough that the contractor be probed.

It is understood that Bello’s media DG has no moral gumption to launder image of his principal as there was nothing other than malaise and absurdity. Each time Fanwo struggles to defend the administration, it reminds one of ‘gangsterism at its peak’ in the state.

Come to think of it, how Bello’s Deputy (Elder Simon Achuba was rusticated to pave way for 2-man surreptitious operation of the state. The last time I checked, it was the first of its ugly incident. Late Prince Abubakar Audu never treated Sir Patrick Adaba with such ignominy. Alhaji Ibrahim Idris treated Mr. Philip Salawu with all respect he deserved,  and as well,  the immediate Yahaya Bello’s predecessor, Idris Wada held his deputy,  Arc.  Yomi Awoniyi with utmost fidei.

Omala Local government Area has been under gunmen attacks in Bello’s administration with ruins still there. Agbenema community came under an organised attack in March, 2018. Bagana, another major community was recently attacked. Sadly, the governor does not have the milk of human kindness to visit. Neither relief materials was sent nor any form of palliative forwarded to the victims.

Will Yahaya Bello campaign in Omala Local government once he picked the Accord Party gubernatorial ticket? Seriously, we are watching and waiting!

– Atekojo Samson Usman

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