Governor Yahaya Bello; The Choice of Young Nigerians

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As the year 2023 is fast approaching, the year of decision making for another historical journey of our dear country Nigeria, the decisions requires a decisive youthful approach to usher Nigeria into another chapter of socioeconomic and political progression. Hence, there is a need to have a youth to steer the affairs comes 2023.

 There are numerous advantages attached to the inclusion of youths in politics. There is no doubt having charismatic and passionate youths who are politically conscious will foster a rapid grow and development in Nigeria. In Nigeria, youths constitute about 70% of the Nigeria population but still found themselves being excluded and marginalized in decision making aspects of politics and politics at large. It is important to note that, without youth participation in politics, Nigeria is toying with her future. The active participation of youths in politics must be seen as a beacon of hope for actualizing purposeful and sustainable political stability.

Therefore, youths need to be given a chance to make use of their intellect, innovative ideas for important and positive change. This is the right time for youths to rise and challenge the status quo, the status quo of marginalization, the use of youths as agents of political violence, electoral misconduct and many more.

It would be an imagination- beating decision to underestimate the game changing abilities of the youth as this is evidenced in the laudable political approaches of Martin Luther King of America, Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello and Nnamdi Azikiwe – who were all youths. The aforementioned Nigeria leaders through their active youthful participation in governance positively changed a lot of things in Nigeria because they were not old and they were not septuagenarian but young, strong, active and capable youths.

Dear Nigeria youths, the only way we can get it right or get involved in government is to support a leader that loves youths, a youthful leader, a leader with youths agenda and a leader that will represent youth in governance. It is only youth that knows and understands the aspirations and yearnings of the young people.

This claim can be justified by the youth- centered political approach of the Kogi State Governor, His Excellency Governor Yahaya Bello. Governor Yahaya Bello is a dynamic and charismatic leader and bridge builder for youths. He has recognized the youths of Kogi State  in various social opportunities through job creation, employment and inclusion in governance of the State. He is the only governor in Nigeria who has practically shown his uncommon love for youths most especially or perceptibly over 90% of his cabinet are youth.

I implore President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, APC NWC, APC governors and his co-aspirants to relinquish their bids in support of  Governor Yahaya Bello as he is the youngest and also the aspirant with massive youths support  needed to defeat Atiku and  any other candidate landslidely.

– Akoma Jafar

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