Gov Yahaya Bello is Spiritually Deaf and Blind, Can’t Hear or See Our Suffering

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The good people of Kogi state are not concerned about the political party that rule the state. What we are concerned about is the man at the helm of the state affairs. People of Kogi state have never gotten it right since the creation of this state in terms of governance. Many has come and lied to us, giving us fake promises all in the name of winning an election but after they got victory they will start taking us for fools.

As the November 16 governorship election is fast approaching, the good people of Kogi must pray for our state and our nation because no matter how powerful a man may be, there is always limitations but with God, there is no limit. There is nothing God cannot do.

Governor Bello has seen himself as one who has all the power to do anything that pleases him without caring about how it affects his people, but no matter how powerful a man is, God’s power supersede all other powers.

I am confident in the God I serve; what He says will be, will be and with prayers, God’s directions we will have peaceful elections and our state will be healed with God-fearing people as our leaders who will play politics with mercy.

Governor Bello is spiritually deaf and blind that is why he can’t hear the cry of the Kogites and he can’t see the problem of Kogi state. Bello once said that his achievement can not be seen by everybody, but believe me that any achievement that can not be seen and touched is not worth to be called an achievement but a scam. Nemesis shall catch up with you, Governor Bello.

Experience, they say, is the best teacher. Ours has been a challenging experience with the management of state funds and resources by Yahaya Bello. To my greatest surprise, it is only in Kogi state that payment of workers salary has become an achievement under Yahaha Bello administration.

Salary is not what a governor should be praised for. It is compulsory that if a man works for you he must be paid. If a man should not be paid, he should not work for you. In Kogi state today, under Bello administration, there is no much difference between the ghost workers and the genuine workers. The only difference is that no salary for those he claimed that they are ghost but half salary for the genuine workers.

Governor Bello will always come to the media telling us that projects are on going, salaries are been paid as at when due and the people of Kogi state are living in peace and harmony. Let’s ask Yahaha Bello to come and point to his tangible project in Ebira land were he comes from and let him bring to us an evidence to prove that he is not owing any state and local government workers, as he used to claim. Believe me, apart from the people he called ghost workers, we have a countless of his genuine workers that have not received full salary since Yahaha Bello came on board. Kogi people are not living in harmony, this statement from Yahaha Bello is a political propaganda. Countless of time, some thugs have killed and destroyed the property of those who stand against Yahaha Bello administration. Please, is this a state of harmony or a state of human rights abuse when the citizens will be deprived their freedom of expression; we can’t speak against his government because of the fear of unknown.

Yahaha Bello has not done anything to unite us, especially we the Anebira. Governor Yahaha Bello has built Igala unity house and has commissioned it, so, where is Ebira unity house? Where is Okun unity house? Is it that it is only Igalas that need to be united while we the Ebiras that are facing insecurity in our land should be left in disunity? Or, is it the so call EBIGO you think can unite us? Well, I am not surprises. The Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, has alleged that some state governors use insecurity as an excuse to steal public funds. Insecurity is an avenue for some governors to steal public funds. But nemesis shall catch up with you.

Kogi people are living in bondage and marginalisation because for the fact that we can’t have our salary as at when due, no development and even if we are fortunate to receive any of our salary, it is going to be in percentage i.e some one who is supposed to receive 100 thousand will now receive 30 thousand Naira. What a shame. This has lead most of our people to extreme poverty and large numbers are unable to afford good healthcare. Malnutrition remains a major problem and our parents cannot pay their children school fees again. Kogi people are living a slavery life of 1950s under Yahaha Bello administration. What a shame. But nemesis shall catch up with you.

Your duty as a governor is not to satisfy your own wishes but to transform the lives of the people and to become painfully aware, to dare to turn what is happening in your state into your own personal problem and thus to discover what each of us can do about it because we the people are the democracy and you must hear us out.

Governor Bello lack the knowledge of solving the state problem but he knows how to fight Barrister Natasha, manipulating elections to get your so call caretaker senator Alh Yakubu Oseni victory. Now, your own election is fast approaching, we will see how you are going to manipulate it for yourself. But nemesis will soon catch up with you.

I just pray this time Kogi People get it right and I pray God should give us a God fearing person that we will rally around and vote for. Somebody that will play politics with mercy to transform our lives and move the state forward, not backwards.

My candid advise to the people of Kogi state, especially my Ebira people, is to be prayerful and ignore the antics of the State Governor, Yahaha Bello as very soon nemesis will catch up with him.

– Abdulmumeen Ahmed
Human Rights Activist

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