Godwin David Itopa the Right Man Needed to Give PDP a Voice in Kogi

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There is a saying that a closed mouth is a closed destiny. Some years back in Kogi State, PDP was everywhere across the Senatorial districts but today we wonder if there is still PDP even at the State Headquarters of the party in Lokoja.

This worry must top the agenda in the forthcoming Kogi State PDP executives election. The PDP in Kogi State must be brought back to life. In doing that, there must be a voice. That voice the Kogi State PDP need right now is the very candidacy of Godwin David Itopa (History).

This is a voice that has shaken the federal might in Abuja. This is a voice that has sounded so daringly against the Party in power, from the capacity it is kept all this while.

This voice has spoken restoration to many dead pro-PDP movements. Now the voice must be put in a certain right use in the form of a higher calling and a rescue mission, especially now that if the PDP in Kogi State continues in its silent mode, the Party may eventually go out of value in the State.

Therefore, while other positions are subjected to all kinds of politics, it is right and worthy to simply bestow on the man named Godwin David Itopa (History) the right and office to speak for the PDP in Kogi State.

If really the PDP will be able to take back power in Kogi State by November, then the man named Godwin David Itopa (History) is the necessity needed to speak for the PDP when the potential stormy political weather in the days ahead comes.

PDP as a Party in opposition must first of all win the face of opposition and in the process avail the people of Kogi State with an alternative. But how can this be achieved when the PDP in Kogi has a non-functional Publicity Secretary? How can this be when the voice of the PDP in Kogi is voiceless?
Therefore, there is need now than ever before, for the PDP stakeholders in Kogi State to do what is termed as “soul searching”. The PDP must get it right in electing a good bold daring voice for itself, and from there the rest can be gotten right easily.

The man named David Godwin Itopa (History) shall roar with his pen and with all that he legitimately can, and shall make the Party in power tremble and then the people of the State shall know and say that indeed, the PDP in Kogi State is back.

With Godwin David Itopa (History) as State Publicity Secretary, the PDP in Kogi State is definitely back to having a long lost voice and this time, ready to push the Party in power into being an opposition by November 2019.
Kogi PDP needs a voice. Kogi PDP needs Godwin David Itopa (History) as it’s next Publicity Secretary.

– Issa Itopa Lucky writes from Lokoja.

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