Four-Year Imprisonment Better Than Eight-Year Imprisonment – Joseph Abiodun

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The raging agitation that has refused to go away is the agitation for power shift or rotation among the minority ethnic groups in Kogi State. The people of western and central parts of the state are unhappy that the largest ethnic group, Igala have been governing the state since its creation in August, 1991.

With the ambition of Abdulrazaq Isa Kutepa, a minority being dashed in the September 22 primary, the people of Western and Central Senatorial Districts seem to be returning to the trenches to prepare for the next fight.

Leaders in the western axis however, are seriously considering Prince Abubakar Audu who is constitutionally entitled to a single term of four years having ruled the state on two previous occasions. The thinking of the people in the west is that it is better to back the candidature of Audu, another Igala man, hoping to try their luck again in four years time, when there will be vacancy in Lugard House, than supporting somebody that is entitled to two terms.

If this permutation stands, Wada and Ocholi who are entitled to two terms may have problems garnering votes from west.

Joseph Abiodun, a loyalist of PDP in Kabba as quoted by a national newspaper said, “although the Igala have marginalised us for too long, it will be far better for my people to choose ‘four-year imprisonment than eight-year imprisonment’, saying nobody can prevent Wada from going for two terms if he wins.

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