Food Poisoning: Ebira Community Under Possible Attack – EYC

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Based on the joint preliminary investigation of the Nigerian police and the National Secretariat of the EYC, the people of Ebiraland may have under vicious attack from some force via food poisoning.

As at point of this report, we can confirm to you that five Anebira are dead already and many hospitalised resulting from the consumption of a particular cassava flour reportedly supplied from a village market called Odape along Kabba road.

We consider this a serious security threat to our land and its people. It is an emergency situation that calls for the utmost concern of all.

We urge and charged all to suspend further consumption of cassava flour for the time being.

We supported the police to collect the remnants of the flour form some of the affected homes in Ogaminana.

The police is taking appropriate actions towards ascertaining the sources of the poison.

Please, let this report spray like a wild fire.

We shall be updating us as investigations and developments unfold.

We must be vigilant and extra careful.

Your comradely,
Ismaila Muhammed,
National Publicity Secretary lll, EYC.

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