Five(5) Questions For The Captain and His Ill-Fated Flight – Enemama Sam Akubor

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I guess there are some questions we should be asking Kogi State Governor, Capt. Idris Wada about the finances of our state:

1- What happened or what did the administration accomplish with the 20billion naira bond?

2- What happened to the over 60billion naira received by the state from  excess crude oil sales ?.

3- What is actually happening to local govt allocation from the federation account?.

4- Does kogi state generate any internal revenue at all?.

5- Why is the budget performance still put at less than 55%for the past 3years.

IF you look at the financial earning of the state since the inception of the WADA led administration in the state from 2011,compare it with the level of physical infrastructural development, socio-economic development vis-a-vis the poverty and living condition of the people of the state, one could categorically state that this administration is a curse both politically, financially and socially to the state as an entity and the people as its populace rather than, even a fabricated or pseudo blessing.

Furthermore, the comfortabilty been exhibited in terms of embezzlement of state fund under this administration is alarming and distasteful.

KOGI state cannot afford to entrust its leadership into the hands of people who have sworn and taking an oath on the alter of financial mis-management for another 4years.

Time for change is here, irrespective of political party, ethnic or religious line.

LASTLY let me remind the governor and his political entourage of the popular saying by the immediate past first lady of Nigeria, MRS DAME PATIENCE JONATHAN in everything the do “CHAI… CHAI,there is GOD ohhhh”.

Kogi state must move forward.

Enemama Sam Akubor

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