Federal Lawmaker Raises Alarm Over Influx of Criminal Herdsmen Into Kogi

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Member representing Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal constituency of Kogi state in the House of Representatives, Hon Tajudeen Yusuf has raised an alarm over the increased influx of criminal herdsmen into his constituency.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Yusuf said the spate of attacks on innocent, law abiding and helpless communities by the rampaging herdsmen in recent weeks has led to the destruction of farm lands, loss of properties and other valuables.

The Kogi lawmaker said the attacks followed the rising, unrestricted influx of alleged Fulani herdsmen into some communities in Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency, which he said has led to very serious, grievous security situation, breach of law and order, as well as its negative effect on peaceful co-existence.

According to him, the influx of herders into his constituency from Ondo and other neighbouring states in the South West, has become worrisome and dangerous, and if left unchecked poses serious threat to the peace, unity, comfort and security of the constituency.

“For instance, during the course of these attacks, a community school in Bunu District was burnt down, while just yesterday, two hunters on their legitimate business at Iyamoye town in Ijumu Local Government Area were brazenly, seriously attacked by these alleged herdsmen, who boasted and threatened thereafter to come back and inflict more harm to people in these and other communities.

“It has become absolutely necessary that the unrestricted influx of these characters into our communities be tackled and addressed immediately and nipped in the bud with more  seriousness, tact, courage and sincerity before it gets out of hand.

“According to reports, in recent weeks, the spate of attacks on innocent, law abiding and helpless communities by these rampaging herdsmen has led to the destruction of farm lands, loss of properties and other valuables,” he said.

He wondered how the alleged herdsmen who fled Ondo and other states in the South West were able to beat the different security and intelligence agents in and around the to found their way into communities in Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency.

“One is appalled with the apparent downward slide in the activities and operations of security agencies across the country. That these alleged herdsmen were able to beat the vast security network from our neighbouring states and made it to our communities is not only baffling, shocking but confusing.

“Indeed, it is very painful that notorious and heartless herdsmen have been allowed to intrude Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency to disturb the peace, unity and tranquillity synonymous with our people. Sadly, since the influx of these ravenous characters, destruction of farmlands, burning of properties, gruesome attacks on individuals and other negative incidents that were alien to our communities are gradually becoming daily occurrences.

“If this unfolding scenarios fester and become bigger, no political elite, leader and the generality of our people will be safe, because no one, nobody, knows who may be the next victim of their attacks.

“The negative development is beyond party, ethnic or group affiliations and interests, rather, it is one that calls for synergy, collaboration and partnership of all and sundry. Most importantly, we have to be truthful to ourselves by doing away with undue and unnecessary boot licking and deceits geared towards profiteering from the situation.

“It has become necessary for all leaders, elders, stakeholders and other well-meaning people of Kogi State and lovers of peace, security, unity and development to join forces and support relevant security agencies in any and every efforts to stop the spate of attacks on our communities and the entire state by these merciless, blood thirsty and demon-possessed killer herdsmen.

“It is expected that the Federal Government and Kogi State will wake up to their responsibilities. Truly, the activities of these wicked, emotionless and perverse killer herdsmen has become a terrible malevolent threat spreading across the country, resulting into loss of many lives, properties, farmlands and impacting negatively on our quest for meaningful national development, but we must, as a people and nation, never succumb to any of their nefarious and dastardly machinations. To achieve this, the Federal Government and States Government (including Kogi) must shun partisanship and provide the requisite political will.”

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