Executive Celeb vs Executive Crim: Where is the Justice?

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Looking at the combination of Mr. Marcaroni and the suspected killer of the late Akwa Ibom job seeker, Ini Umoren, one can tell what informed this caption: ‘Executive celeb vs Executive crim’.

It’s no longer news that Uduak Akpan (the suspected killer) has confessed murdering the late Akwa Ibomite who out of her curiosity to get a lucrative job ended her life in the hands of these criminal elements who have no empathy for humanity.

That’s a discussion for another time!

Back to the topic before us, it’s really insane to think Nigeria is a country that embraces rule of law as one of the basic tenets guiding a democratic government but ours is a system where ‘Executive crims’ get executive treatment on order of their lion-clothed godfathers roving around in the skin of a gentle and loving sheep with great disdain for blood while ‘Executive celebs’ get treated like a sheep in the hands of a slaughter. What an irony!

What is democracy when all we ever wanted is justice but what we get in return is more injurious to us.

Just take a look at the serial killer sitting on an executive chair advocating for justice while the just wandering in pains and anguish. 

I couldn’t hold my emotions when I watched Umoren’s suspected killer admitting that he killed her in self-defence. What is self-defence when your actions portray that you acted on an existing script rolled out by the pay masters who sooner than later will be exposed? 

There is more to this than the eye meets.

It’s high time we initiated a policy that is more people-oriented in terms of meting out of punishment to offenders than waiting for the law that doesn’t exit to take it’s full cause.

I think in a more saner clime, this hardened criminal should have been given more severe punishment than the ‘VIP treatment’ he’s receiving in the custody of the police. Imagine Mr. Marcaroni given beating of his life for exercising his civic rights while the so-called serial killer sitting on an executive chair addressing the press. This quite unfortunate and uncalled for if only we truly practice true democracy as claimed.

At this juncture, I join millions of other Nigerians championing #JusticeForUmoren to say no to ‘Executive treatment’ for criminals in our society.

– From a Concerned Nigerian who is fed up of hypocritical governance without empathy for the masses.

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