Ethnicisation of Security Structures Not Healthy for Community Policing – Dr Audu

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Director/CEO, International Institute of Community Policing (IICOPOL), Dr. Aminu Musa Audu has described ethnicisation of security structures as unhealthy for the practice of community policing in Nigeria.

In a statement issued on Wednesday in Liverpool, Audu said ethnic perspective is wrong and too divisive for sustainable national unity and cohesion.

The United Kingdom based consultant sociologist, criminologist and community policing expert explained that giving sophisticated arms and ammunition to those not in the profession of community safety, all in the name of vigilante is extremely dangerous to national security.

“Display of emotions on issues of security cannot yield expected results and it is a pity that Nigerians have refused to learn from mistakes.

“Grassroot mobilisation of human and material resources to strengthen the Nigeria Police Force and Community Police Volunteers system can conveniently serve in place of any seemingly unprofessional outfits. The process of recruiting and training of community policing volunteers must be seen to be transparent, credible and correct in line with global best practices.

“It is my honest view that implementation of community policing deserves precision and not the prevalent guesswork of the past. This can be achieved through well tested research-informed approach,” he said.

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