Ethnic Permutations For Kogi 2019: Ebiras As Pawns

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Permutations are rife towards 2019 elections in Kogi state. The die is being cast with different ploy to impose another ethnic agenda to infect our politics. The Ebiras need to be consciously awake like myself to resist any action(s) of MMM-Politicians whose best political strategy emanates from the annals of ethnic jingoism and supremacy- a hostage situation they’ve used over Kogi state for the past 2 decades, with assumptions that only one ethnic group in the state has the spine for leadership, hereby, making the state’s Governorship their birthright.
Plans are stiff to “wanker” ethnic bigotry by selecting an Ebira man as a Governorship aspirant/ Deputy for the opposition (s) with the desperation to remove Bello at all costs.The sentiment is that Ebiras would give a “block vote” to their son from the central, hence, someone should be used to divide them so as to weaken his chances of re-election. This is an apogee of wickedness, ethnic bigotry, moral banditry and political manipulation that is set to fire our democracy clockwise 20 years. When would philistinic politicians abandon the idea of using ethnicity and religion to scam the people into political-mumurity?
But #OurMuMuDonDo. We are aware of this MMM plot which is a grand plan to install a “stooge” who would have tribal coloration but absent of leadership, courage and freedom to keep Kogi on traction.
Obviously, I agree with their sentiments that Governor Bello would get a block vote from his Senatorial district. Why won’t he? When the Ebiras have been shortchanged for decades by some few power holders who believe to be born into a particular ethnic group makes them superior to others even though they have presented shambolic leadership and gross irresponsibility towards their own people. While at it, they monopolized power for their children and political bedfellows, deciding the fate of over 4.3m Kogites from Abuja.
When have the Ebiras ever had it this good with “point head” positions in Government without playing the “third fiddle”?
The liberalism in appointments in the state by the New Direction Goverment has given many Ebira sons and daughters, opportunities to aspire with government tags. Governor Bello’s cosmopolitan idea of leadership has also ensured that while his people are actively represented, they are also checked from monopolizing the Government House or making it a religious affair to shortchange others.
Before you argue without opening the books, find out the distribution of appointments in Kogi state by local government areas and the stringent body language of the Governor that rejects ethnic and religious supremacists at the Lugard House. To me, this is the kind of foundation needed for an over 6 ethnic-group dominated Confluence State, with intention to create a point of diversity to the Confluence growth.
Alas, their plans WILL FAIL. Those who have played the ethnic card with us have ensured our people basked in developmental failure. They have ensured their own children and associates monger on our collective patrimony whole busy-ing us with ethnic rivalry and war amongst ourselves while they keep on looting, using the same scheme to win elections.
To my Ebira brothers and sisters, “Ororo nor be crude oil” . if it is NOT Yahaya Bello, it can NEVER be Yahaya Bello. If you allow them use your head to erect another kinsman of your lineage to cause political rancour amongst your people, they will only be distracting you from the grand ploy of installing a “rubber stamp stooge” who would have an Ebira name, without an Ebira soul, doing the biddings of his Abuja masters.
Conclusively, how can it even happen when the Ebiras have shown to have the political awareness and sensitivity most tribes in Kogi state are playing catch up with? With the outlook of Government architecture on appointments, they’ve been snookered like Lagos Apapa-Liverpool traffic. From all angles, God is checkmating their crude and evil political schemes.
Apart from the Yahaya Bello we can trust as someone who can hold “Kogi” from the Central if we are to have a Governor in 2019, based on his antecedent on building a unified Kogi, eschewed of ethnicity and religious bigotism, we will never gamble with another choice under the pretense of anger.
Ororo can never be crude oil.. anè Ebira, Be wise!
– Promise Emmanuel (Kogi Rebel)

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