Equity: ISA Demands Appointment of Igala Vice Chancellor in One of Kogi State Universities

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Igala Student Association (ISA) has called on Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello to appoint Vice Chancellor of Igala extraction in one of the three State-owned universities in the spirit of fairness, justice and equity.

In a statement issued by the Public Relations Officer, Ahmadu Enyojo Hope, ISA appealed to Governor Bello to prioritize the appointment of a Vice Chancellor of Igala extraction.

The association said it is the important to ensure equity and fair representation, particularly in the light of the current composition where there are two Vice Chancellors of Ebira extraction and one from Okun land in the state-owned universities.

The students said appointing a Vice Chancellor of Igala origin would not only enhance academic excellence but also instill a sense of belonging among Igala students.

“It is crucial to ensure that the major ethnic groups within Kogi State are well-represented in the leadership of our state-owned universities,” she said.

The association highlighted the wealth of talent and expertise within the Igala community, which can significantly contribute to the growth and development of Kogi State universities.

They appealed to the Governor to consider the call as a means of fostering unity and collaboration among diverse ethnic groups in the state.

“The Igala Student Association remained optimistic that the Governor will give due consideration to this appeal, reinforcing the commitment to equitable representation and ensuring that the leadership of Kogi State-owned universities reflects the rich cultural diversity of the state.”

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