Enough of Your Excesses, You Have No Place in Leadership of Okun Politics, Olufemi Tells Awoniyi

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It is high time to call the former Deputy Governor of Kogi State Arch Yomi Awoniyi to order .

Your role in the just concluded PDP Governorship Primary Election has been counter productive and it has not done any good to us your keens men the Okun people.

Throughout your tenure as deputy governor of Kogi State there is nothing tangible on ground to ascribed to you as a political leader. despite the power, authority and opportunities that were available to your office. Needles to talk about your lack of contribution to the development of your own community , Mopa amoro local government area.
Up till this moment there is no substantial project to your own name or credit in the entire Yagba federal Constituency.

Therefore you do not have what it’s takes to address yourself as a leader of Yagba or anywhere in Okun land.

Though you ride to political prominence on the good legacies of your father and that again you have not been able to leave up to the expectations of our people.

Yet you are busy complaining about the conduct of the Governorship primary election which you never did anything meaningful towards it’s success.

You should be ashamed that the companies that your late father our political icon left behind for you. You could not sustain its functionality.

When the names of the likes of Hon Leke Abejide is being mentioned as agent of human and infrastructural development, you Arc Yomi Awoniyi ought to burial your head in shame.

The Development strides in Leke Abejide name is way too much compared to your four (4 yrs) wasted years of your deputy Governorship.

No efforts on your own part to do any rehabilitation work on our community Road in Mopa neither can you identify any single individual who rise stadium through your efforts.

Hon Leke Abejide has opened our eyes in Yagba federal Constituency and indeed the whole of Okun land on what true leadership concept means to US.

Therefore you are expected to stay away from commenting on the political activities in Okun land especially on the PDP politics because you have failed us as a political figure.
when you had the opportunity to make impacts you got yourself busy in accumulating wealth for yourself and immediate family alone.

The people of Okun land and Yagba federal Constituency are too enlightened to have you as one of our leader so please stay clear of Kogi politics and face your own business.

– Comrade Daniel Temitope Olufemi (Omo Segun Eleyin)

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