Engr Okino Urge Muslim Faithfuls to Tolerate Values of The Pristine Faith on Ramadan

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I have the pleasure to extend regards on the occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan. May I also take this opportunity to pray that Allah the Almighty grant you long life, happiness and prosperity in this happy advent, and may we all flourish in dignity and greatness.
The month of Ramadan, during which the Qur’an was revealed to mankind as a source  of guardian and mercy, is indeed a sacred time when heart are filled with satisfaction through the remembrance of God, and souls are purified by the spiritual fulfillment afforded by this holy month. Ramadan also provides a renewed opportunity to reflect not only on the close ties of brotherhood and unity binding the peoples of the Muslim ummah, but also on the duty to abide by the tolerant values of the pristine faith, which are rooted in moderation and temperance and reject extremism, disunity and radicalism.
At the heart of your faith lie the value of peace, responsibility and humanity – these are ideals I and the vast majority of people across the globe share with you.
As the month of Ramadan begins, may the special message and celebration of these holy days uplift all of us and add to the vitality of our society.
Engr Abdullahi Malik Okino

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